Will’s Dog Poops In The Weirdest Positions, So He Asks If Other Dogs Do Too – He Got 35 Hilarious Responses

Dogs are arguably the cutest creatures on the planet but they also have their nasty side. They love to bathe in stinky mud, munch on icky things and even sniff each others butts. Well, no one is perfect and that is also true for animals. Loving a pet entails accepting all the good and bad things about your animal companion. And let’s admit it, potty training a puppy is one of the most grueling task that owners have to fulfill. Not to mention, the most revolting too.

Unlike cats, it isn’t common for pups to use litter boxes simply because canines don’t naturally bury their waste. Although some puppies can be trained to use litter boxes at an early age, most of them just don’t have the natural impulse to use them. Before domestication, canines used to poop in the woods, particularly on a secure spot where they can hide their business. Domesticated canines are raised in an environment which is entirely different from their natural habitat. When they need to poop, they tend to go outside and find a suitable place to do their business. But here’s something fascinating about the way canines defecate. They tend to spin around in a circle before assuming an awkward pooping position.


This Facebook user asked if other people’s dogs take a dump in awkward positions and the responses are hilarious

will formico dog popping position


Facebook user Will Formico took some photos of his doggo taking a dump in weird positions. Sometimes his dog would squat in an odd way, elevate his butt or lift his one leg by using a tree as a leverage. As soon as Formico shared the photos on Facebook, people began sharing photos of their own pets in odd pooping positions too. As it turns out, Formico’s pooch isn’t the only one doing the hilarious, awkward pooping positions.




But why do canines stand in weird positions while they poop? According to research, canines tend to align their position with the Earth’s magnetic field while defecating. Researchers noted that this behavior is caused by their sensitivity to the geomagnetic field on an unconscious level. As to why canines manifest this behavior, the reason is still unclear. But one thing is for certain, seeing them in weird positions while pooping is the most hilarious thing you could ever see.



































Source: Will Formico