Pop-Tarts Has A New Pumpkin Pie Flavor

By now, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that summer is nearly over. Kellogg’s, for one, hasn’t wasted time in spicing up their various snacks. The first among the many delicious offerings they’ll have you falling for this year is the Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie Flavor! This classic fall dessert-inspired treat joins the brand’s mouthwatering lineup this year that includes the Frosted Chocolatey Churro and Froot Loops-flavored Pop-Tarts.

Dessert-inspired flavors are integral to the Pop-Tarts brand. Thanks to this beloved Kellogg’s brand, we’re able to enjoy our favorite desserts and snacks any time, without all the fuss and even lesser calories! However, it appears that the Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts aren’t exactly a new offering. In fact, Kellogg’s first introduced it as a limited-edition offering a decade ago – in 2010! It may have been a long time coming, but we’d like to think that Kellogg’s had good reason to keep this delightful flavor from us for so long.


Limited-Edition Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie Flavor


You can now enjoy your favorite seasonal pie anywhere

pumpkin pie spread


Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie Flavor Box of 16


Kellogg’s has brought back their Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie Flavor to make satisfying your autumnal dessert cravings easy as pie

Popular snack food review website The Impulse Buy got to try the Limited-Edition Frosted Pumpkin Pie flavor in 2010. In their review, The Impulsive Buy commended Kellogg’s for producing a Pop-Tart that actually tastes like the seasonal pie. This feat, TIB said could’ve only been achieved with the incorporation of “black magic”. They even went on to say that the flavor is among the few that “actually sense”. Everybody who got to bite into this limited-edition treat loved it, so it’s really strange that it didn’t become a regular seasonal offering thereafter.



But at least we won’t be going without a pumpkin flavored Pop-Tart treat this year! And it appears that Kellogg’s hasn’t made many major alterations to their autumnal masterpiece, save for its packaging. The 2010 edition featured a golden fall landscape in the background and a pair of the pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts in the foreground. This year’s version doesn’t come with the whimsical golden landscape. Instead, the box has been designed to resemble a toaster oven and features a slice of the iconic autumnal pie on the side. Aside from this cosmetic change, the Pop-Tarts don’t appear to have been altered in anyway. Kellogg’s sure understands that while innovation is good, knowing when to leave something alone is also important.


These Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts taste just like the real thing

This season-exclusive toaster pastry features a crust that would remind of you of pumpkin pie. Then, it’s covered with white frosting that’s topped with russet, yellow and orange sprinkle candy bits. The sprinkle garnish didn’t exactly sit well with The Impulsive Buy in 2010. But there’s really nothing wrong with adding pops of color in a Pop-Tart treat, right? After all, the most important element of the Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie is what’s inside the pastry.





According to the official description, the Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie have a filling that’s comprised of “pumpkin-pie filling, real nutmeg, and clove”. Don’t you just love reading about words you can smell? We sure do! Kellogg’s, according to The Impulsive Buy, truly captured the pumpkin pie flavor. So if you ever suddenly find yourself craving a slice of pumpkin pie but are unable to go indulge in an actual slice, it would be good to have a packet of a Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie ready, right?


You can enjoy the Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts in different ways



Enjoying the Pop-Tarts Pumpkin Pie Flavor has never been easier. You can pop them in the toaster then top it with whipped cream to give it that extra pumpkin pie-ness. But if you’ve got no patience, you can eat the pastry right out the package without reheating it anyway. You can also put your Pop-Tart in the freezer for 20 minutes and enjoy it in all its frosty glory. Either way, we’re sure that it would make a great partner for your pumpkin spice-flavored almond milk! Walmart is offering a 16-count box now, so order it fast before it’s gone!


Be on the lookout for the 12-count box too