This Double-Seated Pool Float Has Holders For Drinks, Snacks And A Seat For Your Partner In Crime

We’ve introduced a lot of pool floats to help you prepare for the summer. From simple huggable pool floats to a more advanced motorized pool loungers, you have myriad of choices to make your summer break perfect. And just when you thought you’ve seen the best pool float the market has to offer, then comes this double-seated pool float by Heluva Good! We present to you the Heluva Good SS Snacker. This is a multi-function pool lounger that allows you to have everything you need as you lounge on the pool.

heluva good ss snacker pool float

The Heluva Good SS Snacker features two seats facing opposite directions to accommodate you and your BFF. Each seat has a two cupholders to hold your can of beer and a bottle of water. In between the seats are two slots to hold your favorite snacks and the spot in the middle is where you place your chip dip. A pool float with a spot for your dip? Well, that’s no surprise there since this two-seater lounger was designed by Heluva Good!

heluva good dip pool float

The American food company partnered with NSYNC members Lance Bass and Joey Fatone to show off the bright red pool float. Indeed, they seem to be having fun on the Heluva Good SS Snacker. And who wouldn’t? You get to hang out with your best buddy as you enjoy your favorite chips and dip while chilling out with your favorite booze. What more could you ask for?

heluva good ss snacker pool float lance bass joey fatone

Celebrities Joey Fatone and Lance Bass spend enjoyable pooltime on the Heluva Good SS Snacker

heluva good dip pool float lance bass joey fatone


heluva good dip pool float lance bass joey fatone top view

So, what would it cost you to get this cool lounger? Unfortunately, the Heluva Good SS Snacker is not intended for sale. But rather, these are promotional items the company will be giving away for free, with no purchase necessary. All you have to do is register on their website from July 10 until July 29. Enter now for a chance to win one of 100 two-seater pool floats to be given away. Time is ticking so hurry up and enter the promo before it’s too late. Sad to say but the boy band heartthrobs are not included in the giveaway.

Source: Heluva Good!