Meet ‘Kiko’ – The Adorable Dog That Poses For Photos In The Strangest Way

The whole gang is here and it’s the perfect chance for a group photo. Everyone poses for the camera and then there’s ‘that one friend’ who ruins the perfect selfie by making a silly pose. But it turns out that even dogs are doing this selfie trend and no other canine does it better than Kiko – the adorable Finnish Spitz from New Zealand.

Kiko, who will turn 2 years old April this year, shares a loving home with 4 other dogs – her mom Mika, her sister Tofu, a Black German Shepherd named Hades, and an older White Swiss Shepherd named Kaya.  Their owner, Ashleigh Macpherson, keeps updating her canine family’s Instagram page with their latest pics and videos so thousands of their followers can see what they’re up to. With hundreds of photos and videos featuring the five adorable dogs, people couldn’t help but be amused particularly at their family photos.


Kiko Performs ‘Head-Turning’ Trick In All Her Family Photos

While the rest of the pooches pose seriously for the camera, Kiko hilariously ruins it by rotating her head 180 degrees upside down. The goofy doggo always do this extremely unusual pose whenever Ashleigh tries to take photos of them or whenever she was told to.

She has been doing this unique trick since she was a pup. While her special talent might remind you of the scary head-turning scene in The Exorcist, Ashleigh assures that Kiko just has a flexible neck and she’s totally fine.














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Source: Instagram