Brilliant Couple Costumes You Need To Try Out


Costume parties are so cool, but it is always far cooler to avoid couple costumes because they can often be quite cringe worthy. You’ve probably witnessed a few pretty embarrassing-looking couples at parties dressed as celeb pairings and such. We understand that it’s really difficult to get a two-person outfit right. However, it is possible to win at couple costumes if you put a bit of thought into them. Take a look at these 15 couples who created totally amazing couple costumes and enjoy!


‘The Royal Tenenbaums’


A Bee And A Beekeeper


Butterfly And A Butterfly Catcher


‘Spartan’ Cheerleaders


American Gothic


‘Cards Against Humanity’


Paula Deen And A Stick of Butter


Robin Thicke And Miley Cyrus


Randy And Randy From ‘South Park’


Toy Soldiers


Lightening Strike




Peter Pan And His Shadow


Jack And Jill


Sarah Palin and John McCain

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