40 Adorable Puppy Photos To Help Bring A Smile To Your Face

Since 2006, all dog lovers around the world have been celebrating National Puppy Day every 23rd of March. At this time of the year, dog owners share photos of their adorable puppies and gorgeous dogs online. This also gives them the opportunity to encourage other people to consider adoption and raise awareness about puppy mills. Every year around this time, the internet is flooded with cute photos of pooches. Unfortunately this year, the coronavirus pandemic has put the entire world to a halt. And March 23rd passed by without any word from our fellow dog enthusiasts.

But of course, we won’t let it go just like that. We may not be able to pay tribute to our beloved canine companions on time. But it’s never too late to show our love for our favorite dogs, right? We’ve scoured the internet to bring your our photo collection of the cutest puppies from different social media platforms.


Owners Show Off Their Adorable Puppies To Celebrate National Puppy day

The annual National Puppy Day was founded by Colleen Paige, the pet expert who is also the founder of National Dog Day which is celebrated every August 26th. National Puppy Day is dedicated to giving recognition to the puppies that have brought so much happiness into our lives. Furthermore, it aims to inspire everyone to open their hearts to adoption. Around summertime, animal shelters typically have the highest intake of rescue dogs. This dramatic increase in the number of rescue dogs results to overcrowding which can potentially force shelters to euthanize sickly and senior dogs.

National Puppy Day is an opportunity for dog owners to show off their cute puppies on social media. Not only to showcase their pooches but to encourage people to help rescue pups by adoption or giving donations. Despite the pandemic crisis, we refuse to let the month pass without giving appreciation to our little four-legged friends. Take a look at these photos of cute pups and let’s celebrate National Puppy Day amidst this difficult time. We hope these charming pups can make you feel better.


“My Boss Got A Puppy And Brought Her Into The Office. Productivity went waaay down.”


“Not Sure If My Friend Got A Puppy Or A Baby Polar Bear…”


“Awwww Such A Cute Bulldog Puppy Trying To Wake Up Daddy… ears is for noms???”


Sleeping Corgis


“She Likes To Sleep In The Bowl”


“Look How Cute I Am”


“My parents new puppy! Keeshond Mixed With An American Eskimo”


“This Little Guy Is Up For Adoption At Our Local Humane Society. Meet Joker”


“Wally Had An Adventure”


“Paws For A Moment And Enjoy This Puppy”


Husky Puppy



“St. Bernard Puppy, Anyone?”


“Take Your Dog To Work Day”


Blue Heeler Puppy


“Charlie’s First Day Home”


“Tried To Walk Downtown After The Dog Park. He Lasted A Block”


“He Hasn’t Quite Figured Out The Stairs Yet”


Perfect Spot To Take A Nap


“My New Chow Chow Puppy Experienced Winter Today”


“Peaches Sleeping On The Door Handle On Our Way Home”


“My Favorite Puppy Out Of The Littler Was This Little Sleepy Guy”


“He’s So Excited For Snow”


“Baby German Shepherd For The Win”


“Somebody Brought This Bear Into Doggie Day Care”


“My wife and I got a new addition. Nova, The Calmest German Shepherd Puppy”


“Cute Shelter Puppy Eating My Shoe”


“The Stairs Were A Little Too Hard Today”


“Meet Loki; Destroyer Of Shoes, Melter Of Hearts”


“Our Pekingese + Labrador Mix Pup”


“My Mom’s Puppy Went Out On The Boat Today. It Was A Little Windy”


Do Not Disturb



“OK, I’m ready. Let’s go hiking!”


“Mcguffin Goes To The Vet”


“This Puppy Was Such A Handful Today At Work”


“How precious he is”


“Meet My Little Bear Cub… I Mean Puppy”


Adorable Covapoo Puppy



“OMG, there’s no turning back now… just found a white hair!”



Cutie Pie






“Good Morning, World”


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Good morning world ?

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“Kimberly, the Chow Chow Pup”



“Aww… Those Golden Puppies”



“Is This Not The Cutest Picture You Have Ever Seen?”



“Is It Snack Time Yet?”



Teddy Bear



“Hey Guys! I’m  8 Months Today!”



“Just Waitin’ For Summer”



“When You Just Want To Go Outside But You Are In Quarantine”