Professor Asked Her Students To Send Photos Of Their Dogs Doing Class Work And It Didn’t Disappoint

Whether it’s fashion, nature, food, or documentary – everyone has their own favorite photography genre. And if you’ve spent much time on Twitter, you’ve probably discovered the latest photography genre that you’re most likely be obsessing with right now. Photos of dogs doing class work are winning over Twitter and it’s easy to see why. Adorable pups and doggos reading some books, working on a computer, and reviewing some notes are just the cutest things ever.

It all started when Professor Marie-Amelie George asked her students to send photos of their dogs doing class work. You might remember that most workers and students are compelled to work-from-home and study-at-home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While many people struggled to adopt the sudden transition, pets on the other hand, had the time of their lives because their humans didn’t need to leave the house anymore. And that means staying with their beloved owners 24/7.


Funny Photos Of Dogs Doing Class Work

Many people shared amusing photos of their pets trying to distract them from their work and homework. Because dogs often imitate some of the behaviors and body movements of their owners, photos of them trying to read some books and joining Zoom meetings have taken over social media. In an attempt to start off her class with a note of levity, Dr. George asked her students to send in pictures of their dogs doing class work in which her students gladly obliged. The post, which was initially intended for her students, later blew up into a trending thread with the entire internet joining in.

“I probably now have a collection of maybe 60 dogs,” says the university professor. “Some are at the computer. Some are reading…I do see—slightly fewer—but some cats, and I have a great picture of a hermit crab who is studying hard as well.”



Shortly after, the thread wasn’t just limited to dogs. Proud pet owners also shared pics of their cats, guinea pigs, and even a turtle trying to do their class work too. Interestingly, not all of these study buddies are fond of doing homework. Some of them are caught napping and even playing video games instead of working on their assignments. This new photography genre indeed is our new favorite.








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Source: Twitter