This Is ‘Salvador Dolly’ – She’s A Super Cute Puppy With A Handlebar-Shaped Mustache

Just like people, each dog is special in their own way. And as far as being unique is concerned, we bet you haven’t seen anything quite like Salvador Dolly. It may sound like an odd name for a puppy. But you only have to take one look to understand why the name perfectly suits her. Apparently, the adorable pup got its name from the legendary artist Salvador Dali. Dali is famous because of surrealist art but he is also known for his impeccable thin moustache with upward curves.

In July 2019, Dallas animal shelter Hearts & Bones Rescue posted a photo of a puppy sporting a jet-black handlebar mustache on their Facebook page. The ‘mustache puppy’ instantly won hearts all over the internet. Furthermore, several people pointed out its striking resemblance to the iconic artist. Four days later, the Dallas shelter posted another photo of the popular puppy officially introducing her with her new name.


Salvador Dolly, the puppy with a handlebar mustache that made her look like the legendary artist Dali

The cute puppy was born to a brown shepherd mom along with her 10 siblings. They were rescued by the Dallas Animal Services and were taken into Hearts & Bones Rescue. The mom along with her 11 puppies have to be taken care of at the dog rescue center. They will stay there until the pups are old enough to go to New York for adoption. Hearts & Bones Rescue is a non-profit rescue dedicated to rescue dogs with teams in both Dallas and New York City.

“Once our dogs leave the shelter, we send them to foster homes in the Dallas area for a couple of weeks to ensure they’re healthy, and then transport them to NYC, where the number of people wanting to adopt dogs is incredibly high!” a representative from Hearts & Bones Rescue explained.



Right after the photo of the puppy was posted on their page, many people expressed their interest in adopting her. Unfortunately, the puppy was still too young to leave the shelter. So, interested adopters will have to wait. And on October 2019, the mustache puppy together with one of her sisters went to New York City. And both puppies were officially up for adoption. Not long after, the famous puppy found her forever home in Massachusetts together with her new parents and her new canine sister Violet, a Jack Russell terrier.



On February 2nd, she made her debut on national TV when she appeared in the third quarter of the 2020 Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Source: Hearts & Bones RescueFacebook