Twitter Account “We Rate Dogs” Posts Photos Of People’s Dogs And They’re Just The Best

For having something so pure and so loyal, what did we ever do to deserve dogs? Aside from giving them cuddles and care (and treats, of course), our canine companions won’t ask for anything more from us. As a way to pay tribute to all the good bois and good girls, the Twitter account We Rate Dogs is made just for them. The page is dedicated to reward all the adorable doggos and pups with points and praises that they deserve.

As the name suggests, the Twitter account has moderators who like to call themselves ‘professional dog raters’. They are akin to a panel of judges in a dog show where they assess and evaluate all the canine contestants. Based on a certain criteria, they will give scores to each contestant which ultimately determines the winner. But in We Rate Dogs, there are no losers, only winners.


People Are Asking This  Twitter Account To Rate Their Dogs

If you want to know how your pooch would score in the eyes of these ‘professional raters’, simply send them a photo of your dog along with a clear introduction. The submission is subject to review and the mods may ask for more details if they find it necessary. Of course, you’ll need to follow the page to keep updated whether they’d feature your submission or not.



The We Rate Dogs mods usually give scores on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. But most of the times, the dogs are just so adorable that they are truly worthy of a score exceeding the perfect 10. In addition to the cute pictures of dogs, the mods also attach witty captions to bring smiles to every dog lover who reads the posts.



Created by Matt Nelson in November 2015, the Twitter account We Rate Dogs currently has over 9 million followers. The idea of rating dogs first came when he was having dinner with a friend at a restaurant. His friend came with a puppy and he just thought of taking a pic to share the cuteness on Twitter. Shortly after, the account has received hundreds of messages asking him to rate their dogs too. And that’s how We Rate Dogs took off.











































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Source: Twitter