Family Puts Up Sign Telling People To ‘Commence Silly Walking’ While Passing Their House

As the quarantine continues, people are creating more and more ways to keep things interesting while staying safe from the current health threat. Several communities have come together to cheer each other on during this difficult and uncertain time. And, one example of this the event when people decided to re-deck their halls with Christmas lights.

Now, Liz Koto and her family from Grosse Park, Michigan have devised a way to entertain not only themselves but also their neighbors. The idea of asking their neighbors to carry out funny walks struck Liz while she was out and about with her family one day. The Koto family immediately put up signs by the sidewalk at both ends of their property, and their neighbors have been more than happy to comply with The Ministry of Silly Walks’ mandate.

“My husband and I were on quarantine walk with my kids biking ahead of us and it just sort of came to me.”


Walk Like An Egyptian


The Floor Is Lava In This Walk


While, This Walk Has Gained Ministry Approval

For those who don’t know, the Koto family’s walk sketch is inspired by the Monty Python comedy troupe’s television show and the sketch revolves around a minister with a very peculiar way of walking. So, then he heads over to the Ministry of Silly Walks where he asks a man named Mr. Pudey for a government grant to develop his own walk. Coincidentally, Liz also works local jurisdiction and the way Monty Python pokes fun at the inefficiency of the government is exactly why she loves the sketch.


Liz Koto put signs instructing people to do their best walks while passing by her property

Almost immediately after coming up with the concept, Liz and her husband immediately set out to bring it to life. They laminated two signs, glued them on a post, and installed the posts on both ends of their front lawn. Their witty sign reads:

“You have now entered the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Commence silly walking immediately.”


One Small Step For Man…


Some even based their walk on characters


Below the large-print, the Kotos also wrote that they will be posting some of “the highlights” or the silliest walks on @Yorkshire_Silly_Walks, the Instagram page Liz made. And as soon as their neighbors saw the sign, they were more than happy to oblige. Clearly, a lot of their neighbors had seen the Monty Python sketch, as most of them did their best to put their funniest foot forward. Some quick-stepped. A couple pretended to be astronauts. Then a graceful pair pirouetted and pranced as they moved across the pavement.


Upon seeing the “notice”, Liz Koto’s neighbors happily obliged to do the walks


“My neighbors seem to love it. Some of them walk more than once a day and make sure to silly walk.”


So, everyone was more than happy to exaggerate their stride


It’s safe to say that every family in their neighborhood loves their fun daily walks


The Koto kids made sure that everyone passing by would follow the imposed rule


This walk features a “gaggle of skippy hoppy jumpers”.


Liz said that some of their neighbors walked more than twice a day just to perform their walks


While, this walk features a risky back walking and a jumping Jill!


And, one neighbor even went out of their way to leave a thank you note to the Kotos


Some pulled off iconic moves such as the Moonwalk


Maybe, this walk is destined for the Olympics


Popcorn Dance


This walk really impressed to be called amazing!


Just Keep Swimming


This walk was touch and go


And, this walk features a dancing doggo

So, as Liz had promised, she posts the best walks on Instagram. There are now over a hundred videos posted in the account, and each has been viewed a thousand times over. Now, it’s not just Liz and her neighbors looking forward to the funny strides – the rest of the world is too! Moreover, other communities have started funny walk programs of their own all thanks to the Kotos’ initiative.

We love this initiative, as it not only gives people a great reason to step out and get some exercise but also gives people something to smile about. Finally, how about you, what’s your silly stride like?

Instagram: Yorkshire_Silly_Walks