Smucker’s New Unicorn Magic Shell Gives Your Ice Cream A Cupcake Taste

Smucker’s Magic Shell makes indulging in ice cream a whole lot more enjoyable. Who doesn’t love watching it harden as soon as it comes in contact with ice cream and breaking it open after? However, the brand hasn’t really expanded their Magic Shell for some time. And while we’ve got no problem interchanging their Caramel, Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge Magic Shells, someone over at HQ finally decided it was high time for a new flavor. Their newest offering is called the Unicorn Magic Shell, and it’s probably the brand’s most magical creation yet!

This new addition to the Magic Shell range is definitely a first of its kind. The Magic Shell lineup has always consisted of classic confectionery choices. There was also a cherry-flavored offering at some point. But now it seems that they are venturing into a whole new flavor territory with their Unicorn Magic Shell, as it offers the sweet flavors of a white cupcake!


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The new Unicorn Magic Shell will make your ice cream look like it came straight out of a fairy tale

Your eyes didn’t deceive you. The new Unicorn Magic Shell really does have the whimsical flavors of a white cupcake. And to make things even better, the quick-drying ice cream topping also has colorful speckles inspired by “every unicorn’s most favorite colors” – pink, blue and purple! This dreamy new ice cream topping’s guaranteed to take everyone to cloud 9 with every crackling, creamy bite! In a press release, Ali Brown said:

“We’re excited to sprinkle some fun for the whole family and their ice cream sundaes with our enchanting unicorn ice cream topping that it sure to delight those of all ages. New Smucker’s Unicorn Magic Shell topping brings a little magic to birthdays, Friday nights, or any excuse for ice cream.”


The new Unicorn Magic Shell will come in 7.25-ounce bottles just like the other Magic Shell offerings. It’s set to hit shelves wherever Magic Shell is sold. You can also order it through the brand’s website and Amazon, in case you can’t drop by your nearest grocery store. This new topping’s definitely going to make our ice cream sundae Sundays a whole lot more magical!