People Share The Hilarious Times Spelling Wasn’t Double-Checked First

There is a thing called ‘proofreading’ which involves carefully checking for typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, and misspellings in a text before it is published or shared. However, many people seem to skip this simple task and proceed to publish their text without even reviewing it. And what happens when you don’t proofread the message you want to get across? Well, you’re basically giving all grammar police out there the pleasure of shaming you in public. If you don’t mind your words, the rhetorical grammar cops will certainly mind them for you.

Everyone makes typos from time to time. After all, the English language is a very difficult language to learn and master. However, there’s a definite line between an unintentional mistake and a stupid blunder. Even when you unintentionally interchange the words ‘prosecute’ and ‘prostitute’, the end result is an inappropriate message that is entirely different from what you really want to say. An omission of a single letter or a letter popping up in the wrong place can change or ruin the message you want to convey. This is why it is essential to proofread your text before publishing it to save you from all sorts of condemnation.


Careless Misspellings Ending Up In Hilarious Messages


“Are You Sure?”

worst misspellings are you sure you want to exist

We’ve scoured the internet to show you these hilarious examples of misspellings that are downright unacceptable. And let these be a reminder to always check your text before posting it to avoid humiliation. Remember, plenty of wiseacres are out there looking for some silly typos to feast on.

“And The ‘World’s Greatest Typo’ Award Goes To”

worst misspellings prostituted


“My Dad Leaves Misspelled Notes, And I Leave Replies”

worst spelling mistakes handel


“Oh, Good, I’ll Just Park Illegally Then”

worst spelling mistakes illegally parked fine


“Parking Fee Just Gotten Real.”

worst misspellings pay before existing


“This Misspelling”

worst misspellings dognuts


“The Irony”

worst spelling mistakes school two


“Got This In My Fortune Cookie. It’s About Time Those Fruits Started Showing Some Appreciation”

worst spelling mistakes pears


“I Told Them Their Sign Was Misspelled”

worst misspellings pubic restroom


“Firefighters Had To Deal With Not Just The Fire, But…”

worst spelling mistakes ejaculating


“Apparently Those In The Scuba Community Have To Deal With Some High Maintenance Members”

worst misspellings scuba diva


“Men At Work”

worst spelling mistakes heavy erection


“Shamed By You English?”

worst grammar mistakes shamed by you english


“Apparently Not”

worst grammar mistakes your the best teacher


“Yeah… I Think I’ll Pass”

worst misspellings smiling feces


“They Misspelled “Food” On My Girlfriends Prescription”

worst spelling mistakes wood food


“Receipt Typo… Hopefully”

worst misspellings penis butter snickers


“It’s Cold, But Apparently Not ‘Ass Cold'”

worst spelling mistakes not ass cold


“Same Juice Brand Has Three Different Spellings”

worst misspellings original fruit juice


“Welcome To Our Restaurant”

worst spelling mistakes bon ape tit


“You Will Regret Soon”

worst misspellings no regerts


“Spelling Matters”

worst spelling mistakes raped in a towel


“Somebody Lost Their Job Over This”

worst misspellings brid bird


“Noticed This Little Typo In The Immediate Care Forms. Apparently I’m The Only One To Point It Out”

worst misspellings genital wars


“I Can Barely Keep Track Of All These New Civic Ordinances!”

worst spelling mistakes exorcising of dogs


“Great High School Yearbook Typo”

worst spelling mistakes boned


“A Friend Of Mine Called A Restaurant About A Spelling Mistake On Their Sign. And They Changed It”

worst spelling mistakes to hot too cook


“I Don’t Think Spelling Made The List”

worst spelling mistakes pubic schools


“An Actual Prescription That My Brother Forgot About, Guess He Dodged A Bullet”

worst misspellings before ded


“Finally The Ant Savior Is Re-Born”

worst misspellings obama antchrist


“There Was A Small Typo In My Local Paper A Few Months Back”

worst misspellings porn and beans


“The Difference One Letter Can Make”

worst misspellings sweat tea


“The Reward Might Just Pay The Tow Fees”

worst spelling mistakes towed and find


“I Just Wanted Some Coca-Cola”

worst spelling mistakes out of cock






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