People Are Putting Their Christmas Lights Up To Help Spread Cheer Through The Dark Times

The onset of the global pandemic has certainly got a lot of people feeling anxious, confused, and scared. This reaction is perfectly understandable, as the threat of COVID-19 is not something that should be taken lightly. Once busy cities are empty, since we must all stay home in the meantime. As a result, communities are coming together to keep each other in good spirits during this distressing period. Some sing songs together from their balconies, and some have chosen to put back their Christmas lights to make their empty neighborhoods feel less bleak.

It may seem unusual to have Christmas lights twinkling in March. But then, we’re going through a pretty strange time right now. So anything that can help keep us in a positive mood goes! And I think we can all agree that Christmas lights are perfect for conveying that positive message of hope everyone needs right now.



People are putting back their Christmas lights to send messages of hope during this time of uncertainty

This campaign began in mid-March, thanks to sports broadcaster @lanegrindle. In his tweet, he suggested that going for a cruise along the neighborhood to admire the re-installed Christmas lights would be a great social distancing activity. And the people of Twitter definitely agreed with him! He certainly got people to come together online with his brilliant idea!



Christmas lights just have this…charm, right? They play a pretty significant part in making the winter holidays as magical as they are. These strings of tiny, bright lights always seem to transform anything and anyplace! And now, they’re helping cheer up people participating in self-quarantine! Putting up bright lights in the midst of these depressing times is certainly a mesmerizing way to interact with our friends in the neighborhood. Plus, it’s bound to keep the restless young ones preoccupied once the lights come alive. It’s a wonderful idea, isn’t it? Would you, or have you, put up your holiday fairy lights up again to add some cheer in the dreary outdoors?


The streets are lonely, so why not do a bit of razzle-dazzle with your Christmas lights?