Unlucky Morning People Who Have It Way Worse Than You

Many of the world’s population are considered not to be morning people, but what about those that are unlucky morning people? You know, the ones who put their jeans on back to front without even realizing, or perhaps the ones who use hairspray instead of deodorant. Ouch.

Most of the time, these unfortunate events occur from not getting enough sleep and being far too tired to function properly in the morning. After all, getting a couple more hours of shuteye is way more favorable than getting ready for work. However, we do what we have to do, yet there are just some unlucky morning people who have way worse than you.

Here are some classic examples of people who have started their days with some bad luck.


When bad luck strikes, it strikes hard.

The danger of rushing for work so you can get there on time.

When we know it’s Monday already. Truly unfortunate.

The face you make when you realize you have to go to work after partying hard the night before.

We’re with you 100%.

Unlucky morning people just need to go back to bed. Oh the frustration!

Hey, at least he wasn’t late.

Bad luck in the morning and the frustration it brings


Wow. Talk about washing your mouth out with soap.

Bad luck in the morning or actually intentional we wonder?

Maybe he was sleepwalking.

Surely there’s a chafing situation going on that he couldn’t ignore?

What were you thinking?!

The morning struggle is very real you guys.

Please claim these ASAP!

Someone was in a hurry to make it through the rush hour traffic. Can we also take a moment to notice the chewed end!?!

We’d love to hear stories from more unlucky morning people out there! Comment below!