Funny Things That Are Considered “Technically True”

There’s this famous proverb saying ‘it’s better to be slapped by the truth than to be kissed by a lie’. Apparently, the internet has become a repository of blatant lies. So, it’s always refreshing whenever we come across sarcastic remarks that feel wrong but are technically true. The truth is indeed a hard pill to swallow but these plucky people went on to shove the truth down other people’s throat. These responses are far from the expected answer but they’re just pointing out what’s mostly correct.

If you enjoy reading clever rebuttals that expose an obvious lie, the subreddit r/technicallythetruth is the right place for you. The online community offers a collection of hilarious responses and ideas that seemed wrong but are technically true. In fact, it’s the truthfulness of these posts that makes them outrageously funny. You may think some of them are too blunt in a rude way. But you can’t really argue with the truth they they hold. Obviously, it’s not something you’d casually say to some strangers online. But deep inside you, you know that the remark cuts so close to the bone.


Funny Responses That Are Technically True

technically true california bear

We’ve featured the subreddit r/technicallythetruth before but we understand that you want more. So, here’s our second list of amusing posts from the page to give you an eye-opening entertainment like no other. Yup, you may end up nodding your head in approval of these clever comebacks that are technically true and literally correct but still feel wrong. You get what we mean.


“A Handy Technique”

technically true handy proof


“This Fortune Cookie”

fortune cookie not illiterate


It Feels Wrong But It’s Technically The Truth

technically true cancer free


“Well Disney, Say Something”

disney pirate definition


“Well It Would Be Hard Without It”

technically true oxygen


“This Is Truly Nuts”

smoker lungs are nuts


“He Is Right”

deaf never listens


“Found On Amazon When Searching For A Chest Freezer.”

technically true frozen block of ice


“From A Bird’s-Eye Point Of View”

unlucky seagull


“Her Husband Must Be A Programmer”

less than 3 emoji


“Well Yes”

social media lies


“Technically True But Why”

technically true dead in dog years


“A Top Notch Description Of The Bible”

technically true bible description


“Thanks, Google”

wrist pain google definition


“Smart Guy”

guy makes girlfriend dream come true


“So Anyway, That’s How I Lost My Medical License”

technically true coolest disease


There’s an ‘I’ in TEAM

i in team


“Thanks Google”

technically true meatball origin


“Let’s Thank The Merciful Lord”

covid deaths thank god


“Keanu Spitting Facts”

technically true keanu reeves gravity

Source: Reddit