Couple Hang-Up Loads Of Laundry To Block Nosy Neighbor’s Cameras Pointing At Their Home And Neighbor Hates It

Home security cameras are developed to keep homes and properties safe as these devices allow you to check in on your property when you’re not home. So these can be used as a deterrent and a recovery tool for home protection. However, these surveillance tools can also be misused to harass other people. This is what happened with Megan C. Reid when she had to deal with a nosy neighbor she prefers to call ‘Karen’.

Reid shared her story about her snooping neighbor on TikTok and how she dealt with the situation. Using the hashtag #crazyneighborcheck, Reid detailed how their neighbor Karen harassed their privacy by installing 5 security cameras which all happened to be pointing at Reid’s house. According to Reid, the cameras on her neighbor’s home are particularly pointed at her front yard and driveway. Aside from the 5 cameras, there was also another one installed in the front door which also happens to be pointing at the same direction.

Nosy Neighbor Installs 5 Security Cameras To Spy On The House Next Door. So The Couple Put Up A Clothesline To Block Her View

homeowners block neighbors security cameras with laundry

Aware of their neighbor’s meddlesome business, Reid decided to annoy their crazy neighbor by blocking the cameras’ view of their house. Her partner put up a lengthy clothes lines and hung all of their massive laundry to block the view of the nosy neighbor. Now, Karen could only see bed sheets, colorful costumes, and lots of shirts through her security cameras. Funnily enough, Karen was so frustrated that she had to call the police.

homeowners hang clothesline to fend off nosy neighbor


nosy neighbor security cameras


karen spying neighbor with security cameras

When the police came and discovered that the complaint was just a hanging laundry, they just laughed because they can’t just arrest someone for hanging up their laundry to dry on their property. As if the security cameras weren’t enough, Karen also put up an alarm near their fence that sets off every time Reid let her dogs out in her yard. Reid also mentioned on her TikTok video that their crazy neighbor was charged for harassment.

homeowners deal with nosy neighbor using laundry line


nosy neighbor spying with security cameras

Reid’s series of videos detailing her experience with her nosy neighbor quickly became viral. At the end, her followers couldn’t be any happier that Karen finally got what she deserved.

karen spies neighbor with security cameras



When your crazy neighbor has five cameras pointed at your front door/driveway….you put up a clothesline. #winning

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Source: TikTok