This Subreddit ‘Thanks, I Hate It’ Shares Photos Of Things You Just Cant Unsee

It’s a typical day, you’re browsing the internet and then you stumbled upon a weird photo that suddenly makes you feel uncomfortable. Well, it’s not just you, it usually happens to everyone. Thankfully, there’s a subreddit called Thanks, I Hate It where you can share those bizarre pics. So, you can also let other people feel the same awkwardness and uneasiness you’ve felt.

If you’re spending most of your times on the internet, seeing disturbing photos isn’t really something new. And you’re probably used to those things by now. But when we see something with strange and unattractive details that are beyond our scope of understanding, it somehow triggers a response that words can’t even describe. We just hate it, simply for the fact that it is heavily Photoshopped and looks wrong on so many levels. The subreddit Thanks, I Hate It was created to let you express your annoyance for unpleasant photos or posts you’ve found on the internet. And lets you share the displeasure to other people.


The Subreddit ‘Thanks, I Hate It’ Lets You Share Photos Or Posts With Unattractive Nature

thanks i hate it beluga whales

Anyone is welcome to join and post any bizarre photos or videos on the page. Members, who are aptly called ‘haters’, should use the word ‘Thanks, I Hate’ for the title followed by the main subject of their annoyance or the one depicted on the photo or post. The subreddit page was only created 3 years ago but it already amassed over 1.4 million haters and still counting.


Soap Dispenser For Ketchup

thanks i hate it soap dispenser


Thanks, I Hate Short Giraffe

thanks i hate it short giraffe


Star Wars In A Nutshell

uncomfortable photos star wars in nutshell

Indeed, there’s something about sharing the irksome feeling that somehow makes us feel better. And if you’re bored, like really really bored, then you might want to get your share of these ‘cursed’ photos that is sure to make you feel uncomfortable.


Thanks, I Hate It

uncomfortable photos pbj sandwich raw


Mall Floor Advertisement

thanks i hate it mall floor advertisement


IT, Feline Edition

uncomfortable photos pennywise cat


Switched Roles

uncomfortable photos cat man switched roles



thanks i hate it pikachu gru



uncomfortable photos how to correctly eat pringles



thanks i hate it garfeel


Balloon Elsa

thanks i hate it balloon elsa


Teethed Objects

uncomfortable photos teethed objects



thanks i hate it handles


It’s Huming Outside!

thanks i hate it huming snowmen


Thanks, I Hate Peanut Butter And Onion Sandwich

thanks i hate it peanut butter onion


Diesel Fuel Cargo Train Wreckage

uncomfortable photos fuel train wreckage bloodbath


Backwards Centaurs

uncomfortable photos backward centaurs


Mew Stylus For Nintendo DS

uncomfortable photos nintendo ds mew stylus


Realistic Goofy

uncomfortable photos realistic goofy


Cheesus Christ

thanks i hate it cheesus christ

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