“Neighbors Ran Over Our Fence. Didn’t Pay. Dad Installed Better Fence. Wrecked Their Cars.”

Neighbor disputes are inevitable. But of course, it’s always advisable to settle them amicably. Unfortunately, some people are just not programmed that way. Indeed, it’s hard to be the bigger person when the other party doesn’t even try to take responsibility for their actions. So, when Reddit user MihaM12’s dad grew tired of their neighbors who kept running over their fence, he decided it was time to teach them a lesson.

In the post, Miha recounted how the neighborhood feud dates back to several generations yet remains unresolved. He also detailed their neighbors’ blatant disrespect towards their property and how they were totally unapologetic for it. What’s worse is that their neighbors are actually their distant relatives and not complete strangers. Sadly, they just couldn’t see eye to eye.


From inflicting recurring property damages that they don’t own up to, to depending on his parents to repair the neighborhood’s road, their neighbors clearly do have some serious attitude problems. Keep scrolling down to find out how Miha’s family finally stood up to their nasty neighbors!


Reddit user MihaM12 shared what it’s like to have horrible neighbors and how their family finally stood up to their nasty acts

Apparently, his family has been nothing but considerate to their neighbors. Sadly, their neighbors were the exact opposite.



After years of putting up with their disrespectful neighbors, Miha’s father decided it was time to get back at their neighbors and give them what they deserve


He reinforced their fence to give their neighbors a dose of their own medicine


This Reddit user’s revenge story is undeniably a satisfying one! Sure, their family’s patience is truly remarkable. Nevertheless, their courage to stand up and fight for their rights is equally worthy of praise too.


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