This Handy Barrette Is Like Having A Toolbox In Your Hair

There are always times when you need some tool or another, but it’s not usually feasible to be carrying around a full on toolbox with you. For instance, have you ever been out on a hike and realized it would be super useful if you have a screwdriver or some sort of cutting tool? Well, now you can have a bunch of tools, all kept in your hair. That’s right… your hair! This clever little barrette is actually a multipurpose tool. It can function as an 8mm wrench, a trolley coin, two different sizes of screwdriver, a ruler and a serrated cutting edge. We’re genuinely impressed by these, and as people who both wear hair clips and use tools, we’re happy that they exist. We think this would totally make you feel like James Bond, or someone equally badass. Check it out!
Website: Animi Causa

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