Snapple Has Created A New Mystery Flavor

What is life without a bit of mystery? Snapple launches its new mystery flavor to bring more excitement into our lives. The new secret flavor has started rolling out in select stores. And fans of the beverage brand can’t help but wonder what’s in this mysterious summer offering? Now, don’t be quick to conclude that the mystery flavor is apple just because of its color. Besides, looks can be deceiving so don’t bank on appearance alone.

The new mystery flavor currently has no official name. On the bottle the label reads ‘Name the Flav!’, and that’s exactly what fans will be doing. The brand is letting the fans come up with a suitable name for the new flavor. Anyone can submit their entries for a chance to win a mystery prize.


Snapple Releases New Mystery Flavor And Asks Fans To Name The Flavor

snapple mystery flavor name the flav

You may enter the promotion by purchasing the mystery flavor at a store near you. Of course, you’ll need to taste the mystery flavor to help you come up with an appropriate name for it. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle to learn how to submit your name idea.

Once your entry passes the screening for initial eligibility, you will be required to send the product UPC for verification. So, you must keep your product UPC until verification is complete. After verification is completed, your entry shall be posted on the product website along with other entries. The winner will be decided by the most number of votes.

The brand announced that the mystery flavor will officially launch in July. And it will bear the name of the entry submitted by the winner of the Name the Flav! Promotion. This limited-edition flavor will be available through August. So, we actually don’t have much time, do we? But even if we can’t make it to the name-guessing promotion, this exciting flavor is definitely a winner.

Source: Nametheflav