Amy Stuck Funny Notes On Random Things While Walking Around Walmart To Help Make People Smile

There’s no doubt that healthcare workers are the ones fighting the hardest in our ongoing battle against the pandemic. However, let us also not forget about the retail employees who have been keeping the grocery shelves loaded and stocked. So, mom-of-five Amy Cook thought of a brilliant idea to spread some cheer at her local Walmart. And she carried it out by randomly sticking a bunch of punny and funny notes all over the supermarket.

Apparently, Cook’s spontaneous good deed didn’t go in vain. As of writing, her Facebook post has already garnered over 22K reactions and over 44K shares. It goes to show that even a simple act like this can go a long way in lifting people’s spirits. So, if you’re in need of some mood-boosters, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Scroll down to find out more about Cook’s ingenious plan.

Amy Cook Facebook Post Grocery Post-it




Mom-of-five and photographer Amy Cook decided to spread some good vibes at her local Walmart



The brilliant mom came up with over 30 notes expressing witty remarks on current issues and some pop culture references. What’s even more hilarious is that she was able to relate them to almost all sorts of grocery goods.



From the highly coveted toilet paper and liquid hand soap to super random items like anti-gas meds and anti-virus software. So, how did Cook manage to cook up such a comical scheme?




“Many of them are borrowed from memes, so I don’t want to act like I’m taking credit for the wording of everything. My idea was pairing those hilarious sayings with products to give others a giggle.”



She also revealed her favorite among the bunch and her overall experience in carrying out her deed.

“My favorite was probably the Gas-X one. It makes me giggle every time. It was honestly easier to come up with them that I thought. Once I started, the ideas just kept coming.”




She came up with a bunch of funny notes and randomly stuck them in different corners of the store



But what inspired Cook the most was the extreme dedication of retail employees to their jobs and their customers. Sadly, this is what most people fail to see and acknowledge these days.


While the shortage of stocks is completely out of their control, irate customers continue to vent their anger towards them. In addition, theft has also been a growing issue according to Cook’s friend in the retail industry. Unfortunately, this only signifies an additional workload for retail employees.



From the dry goods section to the frozen goods aisle, her funny notes have surely brought about some unexpected smiles to customers’ faces


So, in times like this, Cook has called on to the public to be more considerate of retail employees. She also pointed out how they’re under a lot of stress now. Of course, they also have their own families to feed. So, they have no choice but to risk their lives and continue reporting to work. Meanwhile, at work, they have to deal with the long hours, as well as all sorts of customers. But despite all these, they still manage to keep their cool and remain professional.


As such, Cook stressed out how “a simple thank you and being polite” can go a long way. Indeed, retail employees need our understanding, love, and support, now more than ever. The same goes for those working in the distribution and delivery channels, as well as repair and maintenance services.


Hopefully, we could see more people like Cook, especially amid the current crisis. Likewise, in our own little ways, may we also be a source of light and love during these trying times.

Source: Amy Cook