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disney avocado

Disney Have Released A Collection Dedicated To The Avocado

Some people are just so obsessed with avocados to the point of wearing piñatas and even having pool floats in avocado shape! Also, some even own avocado sticks. Well, whichever you are among these kinds of avocado fans, we have a little surprise for ...
Funny Plastic Egg Containers

Chicken Owners Everywhere Need These Hilarious Egg Cartons

What’s not to love about chickens? They are lovely creatures that can make charming pets. And they can give you fresh eggs every morning for a healthy breakfast. We bet no other pets can provide that same luxury. In order to pay tribute to their dail...
self defense coin purse

Handy Leather Coin Purse Doubles-Up As A Self-Defense Weapon

Muggers, rapists, kidnappers, there’s a lot of offenders everywhere who are looking for a perfect chance to attack their victims. There’s no telling when and where we may run into them. This is why we must be on our guard all the time. If we ever enc...