Color-Changing LED Beach Balls For Those Late Night Games

Bring more color and fun to your next pool party or summer gathering at the beach with this color-changing LED beach ball. There’s a lot of things to do at the beach. Most people go there to swim, surf, snorkel and kayak. Others take a trip to the beach to relax and sunbathe. Whether you want to have fun or unwind, the beach is just the place to be.

Take this color-changing ball to the beach and make your summer escapade more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a fun-filled beach party, these glowing balls will perk up any water games. Whether it’s a game of volleyball, toss and catch, dodgeball, kickball or baseball using pool noodles as bats – these inflatable balls are sure to bring more fun into the game. Plus, the light-up feature allows us to keep the fun rolling even in the dark. If you just want to relax and lie under the stars, you can surround yourself with these glowing balls. And feel the serenity of the calm beach with the soft glow of light around you.


Color-Changing LED Beach Ball

color-changing led beach ball

This inflatable beach ball is made of rubber in a white color. When fully inflated, it measures 16 inches in diameter. It comes with a powerful LED light which is to be placed into the small pocket at the bottom of the ball. The ball also comes with a remote control to let you turn the light on or off. On first use, unscrew the LED light and remove the plastic piece covering the battery. Do the same with the remote control. Inflate the ball then put the light into the designated small pocket, twist clockwise to secure it in place.

color-changing led beach ball how to use


glowing inflatable pool balls

Use the remote control to turn on the light, change the colors and adjust the brightness level. You can choose up to 13 different colors to jazz up your pool parties and nights at the beach. This color-changing beach ball also makes a charming floating light to adorn your pool with eye-catching glowing décor at night.

white rubber inflatable balls


“It’s great to use in a pool and the light last. Also love the remote control!” one happy buyer wrote.

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glowing inflatable rubber balls

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