Keep Your Hands Free With This Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella

Do anything you want under the rain or the sun with this wearable hands-free umbrella. In this modern age, every problem has plenty of modern solutions. Umbrellas, for instance, have been used for thousands of years as a basic protection from the sun and rain. But the modern problem with these umbrellas is that they require to be held by hand. With your hand holding it, you can’t actually do anything you want. You can’t use your phone and hold your drinks at the same time, you can’t properly ride a bike with just one hand, and you can’t carry as much stuff when you go trekking.

The modern solution for this modern problem is a hands-free umbrella that provides shade without the need to hold it. There’s just one catch with these solutions. They mostly come in eccentric designs that make you look like a walking UFO or a spaceship. If you’re looking for a normal-looking hands-free umbrella then this version fits the bill. It looks like a regular umbrella. However, it is designed to be attached to a back plate in the form of a wearable vest. So, you can wear your umbrella and protect yourself from the harsh weather without having to hold it.


Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella

wearable hands-free umbrella

This three-fold umbrella features a sturdy frame made of premium stainless steel with a black plastic coating. It uses water-repellent impact cloth finished with technology rejuvenation coating for improved sun resistance. The durable umbrella comes with a back plate with adjustable back and waist straps and diamond-shaped fastening buckle to provide comfort. It includes a mounting nut to let you attach the umbrella to the back plate with ease.

wearable hands-free back plate


hands free umbrella


no need to hold umbrella

Now, you can wear your umbrella and keep it in place wherever you go while freeing your hands to do other useful things. All without having to look ridiculous out in public. The umbrella measures 25.9 inches long and 41.3 inches wide (when opened). It is available in blue, green and red color options. The plastic back plate measures 21 inches long and 10.6 inches wide. This hands-free umbrella comes in a large pouch bag. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Product is solid because the umbrella stays in place. The straps can be adjusted to fit. It blocks out the sun and allows me to do yard work without turning dark/getting sunburnt. It is also great at keeping you dry when it rains because the angle can be adjusted to accommodate the wind direction that blows the rain.”

wearable hands-free umbrella red


wearable hands-free umbrella back plate red


hand free umbrella green

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hands free umbrella back plate green

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