These Adult Play-Doh Tubs Have 6 ‘Grown-Up’ Scents That Are Questionable

Hasbro launched its line of Play-Doh Grown Up Scents for the young at heart. The sweet vanilla-like fragrance of Play-Doh is definitely our favorite smell from childhood. But as we grow up, our preference for scents also changes. We all know that adulting is hard and the overwhelming pressure of adulthood can really stress anyone out. Studies show that nostalgia or taking time to reminisce fond childhood memories is a fantastic way for coping with stress. First, there were adult-themed coloring books and then there’s the LEGO FORMA designed to relieve stress in adults.

Indeed, our childhood playtime activity involved a lot of coloring books and LEGO blocks. But let’s not forget that we also loved to play with modelling clay. Just like LEGO, Hasbro also understands the struggles of adulthood and the importance of using the joys of childhood past in reducing anxiety and depression. And that’s the concept behind its intriguing line of Grown Up Scents. What makes this adult-themed version different from the regular ones is, of course, the smell. Instead of the brand’s distinctive sweet, musky scent that kids so love, this new version features smells that grownups find so soothing and relatable.


Play-Doh Grown Up Scents

play-doh grown up scents

The line of Grown Up Scents include 6 assorted packs in adult-inspired fragrances. It includes Overpriced Latte (coffee), Spa Day (floral), Mom Jeans (clean denim), Lord of the Lawn (fresh cut grass), Grill King (smoked meat) and Dad Sneakers (rubber). The packs also contain molding clay in different colors. The Overpriced Latte, for example, features a nutty brown color identical to coffee while the Lord of the Lawn has a bright green color similar to healthy grass.

play-doh grown up scents overpriced latte


play-doh grown up scents spa day floral


play-doh grown up scents lord of the lawn

Apparently, there’s nothing more relaxing than a whiff of aromatic coffee or the calming scent of a spa. And there’s something about the smell of fresh cut grass that is so enticing. Remember that comforting smell of freshly washed denim? Or the excitement you felt when you took a whiff of the brand-new shoes as you open up the shoebox? And of course, we wouldn’t judge you if your definition of a relaxing fragrance is that of a grilled meat.

modelling clay adult fragrance mom jeans


modelling clay adult fragrance dad sneakers


modelling clay adult fragrance grilled king

The Grown Up Scents contain 6 individual packs with 4 ounces of modelling clay per can. Each pack also comes with a plastic knife in a matching color. Play with it to amuse the kid in you and sniff it to appease the adult in you. This interesting molding clay also makes a great gift for your friends who are in need of some cheering up. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is really really cool exclusive scents that I personally think are hilarious. My daughter loves it. I’m so glad I found it.”

play-doh grown up scents 6-pack


modelling clay adult fragrances


modelling clay fragrance for adults


modelling clay for adults

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