Get Your Fix On-The-Go With This Portable Espresso Maker

If you can’t live a day without your caffeine fix then getting a portable espresso maker is your best option. There are probably hundreds of coffee shops scattered around your area where you can get a quick fix for coffee cravings. Not to mention those avant-garde coffee makers you have at home that give you a barista-level brew in the comfort of your home. The endless source of caffeine indulgence is one of those conveniences that makes metropolitan life a dream-come-true. But what happens when you need to take a trip miles away from the metropolitan area? Apparently, nothing scares a coffee addict more than staying somewhere with no access to a daily cup of caffeinated pleasure.

When you go camping or hiking, you end up in places where you might not be able to order your favorite coffee. And obviously, you can’t just simply take your electric coffee makers with you. First of all, these machines are bulky and too heavy to carry. More importantly, you can’t use these machines in remote places without access to electricity. Enter the portable espresso maker. This handy device helps you make espresso shots with no electricity or battery needed. So, you can brew your perfect espresso with a nice and dense crema on the go.


Portable Espresso Maker

portable espresso maker

Measuring only 6.14 inches long and weighing less than a pound, this compact device easily fits into your bag. Sure, there are plenty of portable espresso makers on the market. But not all of them make decent espresso shots. Extraction typically requires a minimum pressure of 9 bars within 30 seconds. This manually-operated coffee maker has a patented pumping system. With each manual pump, it helps you reach an extraction pressure of up to 18 bars. It also requires 15% less force to pump compared to other models.

lightweight manual pump coffee machine


portable espresso maker manual pump

It works best with finely-ground coffee and this espresso maker has a water tank that can hold up to 80ml of hot water. Both ends are covered by detachable cups with heatsink pattern to protect your hands from the scalding heat. The lightweight device comes with a scoop, filter basket, brush, pouch and an instruction book.

portable espresso maker components


nanopresso lightweight compact coffee machine

To use, unscrew the portafilter and take out the filter basket. Add ground coffee to the filter basket using the scoop. Then tamp the ground coffee using the bottom of the scoop as a tamper. Put the filter basket back into the unit and screw on the portafilter. Pour boiling water into the water tank and screw it onto the device.

nanopresso pump piston

Twist the piston counter clockwise to unlock and flip the device upside down. Pump the piston with slow consistent pumps until the device builds up enough pressure. Be patient, it usually takes 6 – 8 pumps to get up to pressure. Your espresso will be fully extracted after 25 – 30 pumps.

portable espresso maker piston



You’ll know that the espresso is fully extracted when you can no longer feel resistance in the piston. All that’s left to do is enjoy your cup of espresso with its smooth golden brown crema. To clean, separate all components and wash each part thoroughly with soap and water. A customer review reads:

“Good product. [It] makes espresso on par with an expensive machine. I have replaced countertop espresso maker with this, it is much better. It is compact and portable, I tuck it away in the cupboard and bring it out.”

nanopresso coffee machine

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portable espresso maker pumping system

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