This Japanese-Inspired Tea Table Has Built-In Chairs And An Extendable Tabletop

Furniture pieces that combine form and function have become incredibly popular lately. This type of furniture, after all, offers a stylish solution to spatial and storage woes. The humble coffee table, for one, has become a popular furniture innovation choice for furniture designers. Take for example the beetle-inspired coffee table designed by Radhika Dhumal! But if you’re looking something truly unique, then perhaps this Japanese-inspired tea table will tickle your fancy.

Belgian interior architect and furniture designer Dieter Mortelman is the genius behind the impressive Hasu table. This Japanese-inspired tea table eloquently combines the three key aspects of Japanese tea culture: presentation, preparation and gathering. These key aspects are met by the Hasu table’s design. And it’s sure to become the new center of gatherings in your home!



This Japanese-inspired tea table features an extendable tabletop that ‘blooms’ like a lotus flower

Dieter Mortelman’s tea table looks very different from traditional Japanese tea tables. The traditional tables are typically small and very portable. In comparison with this, the Hasu has a more bulky appearance. But this design serves a purpose. Mortelman wanted the Hasu to be a one-stop tea ceremony venue where all your tea necessities can be found. This way, you can keep the tea and conversation flowing!

The Hasu tea table’s surface features four panels that can expand the table’s surface area. These panels are supported by small brackets to keep the panel steady while in use. According to the description, this transformative feature is inspired by the blooming of lotus flowers. With the table’s panels extended out, your guests will have more room to place not only their tea and snacks, but perhaps even a book or their devices. (That is, of course, if gadgets are welcome at your tea ceremony!) Aside from providing an increased surface area, the tabletop panels also conceal and reveal a storage compartment hidden inside the tea table.




The Hasu tea table comes fitted with many awesome features

The tea table has a hidden storage compartment divided into four quadrants Here, you can hide away the tea pot, cups and other tea ceremony-related things when you don’t need them. This hidden compartment also comes fitted with a heating element in the center where you can prepare your tea. All you’ve got to do is make sure you’ve got a supply of water to make sure you and your guests can enjoy as much tea as you want.

To make your gatherings around the Hasu tea table comfortable, the designer also included pull-out cushions that you and your guests can sit on. This follows the Japanese Chado tradition where they sit on cushions as they enjoy their tea and each other’s company. To ensure that you have the best time, Dietermortelmans Design Studio has equipped each cushion with a small backrest to provide lumbar support.



It will stand the test of time

The manufacturers build the tea tables using several construction techniques. They also use different types of wood joineries to give a touch of traditionalism to their modern tea table. The Hasu’s body is made out of solid oak and has powder coated aluminum details. Solid oak and powder coated aluminum are known for being lightweight yet very hardy. In fact, because of these materials, you can place your Hasu table outdoors without fear of damaging it. You can definitely look forward to gathering around this exquisite functional piece of furniture for many years!


A single Hasu tea table takes 10 weeks to create, and its price is available upon request. The table measures 450mm tall, 750mm wide and 750mm long. It also weighs 71.5kg, so you’ll really need to plan ahead where you want to place this awesome table. Learn more about it on their website.

Source: StudioMortelmans