Every Cat Owner Needs A Cat Paw Seat Pillow In Their Life

Cats love to sit and take a nap on human laps because they feel safe and comfortable there. This super cute cat paw seat pillow will make you experience how it feels to be cradled in a kitty’s paw. So, you can relax while being bolstered in feline cuteness and cloud-like softness. With a cushion chair as adorable as this, you’ll never want to sit anywhere else ever again. You and your feline friend can lounge around on this. Let your lap lull your pet to sleep while you relax on this comfy cushion chair.

Perfect for all feline lovers, this cat paw pillow comes in the shape of a giant kitty paw. Featuring a curve-shaped design, this cushion chair has a padded seating area in the form of a cat’s metacarpal pad. The four digital pads act as the chair’s comfy backrest. Place it on a wooden chair (with backrest) to add a layer of comfort. It can also be used as additional padding on your sofa. To use as a lazy lounger chair, place it on the floor and lean the back part against a couch or wall. The four digital pads at the back aren’t strong enough to support your back. So, you’ll need to prop it up to use the backrest.


Cat Paw Seat Pillow

cat paw seat pillow grey

This cat paw pillow is made from high quality super soft cotton filling that is allergy-free and asthma friendly. It comes in two sizes: 27.5 inches and 31.5 inches and is available in four colors including blue, grey, pink and white. Both the white and grey variants have pink-colored pads while the blue and pink variants have white-colored pads.

cat paw seat pillow


kitty paws cushion chair pink


kitty paws cushion chairs white

Filled with fluffy cotton, it provides utmost comfort for those long hours sitting at the study desk. Not to mention its cute design that you can show off anywhere in the house. And if you’re looking for a practical gift for the cat loving person in your life, look no further than this cutesy cushion chair.

kitty paws cushion chair blue


cat paw seat pillow blue


cat paw seat pillow white

kitty paws cushion chairs

Source: Etsy