This Phone Sanitizer Is Also A Wireless Charger And An Aromatherapy Diffuser

Looking for a phone sanitizer that can do more than just sterilize your device? This handy UV disinfection device will give you more than just a germ-free phone. It is also a wireless charging station that charges your device while disinfecting it. Moreover, it is also an essential oil diffuser. With the growing pandemic crisis across the world, the demand for sanitizers and disinfectants has increased exponentially. In addition to frequent hand washing, we’ve also made a habit to use hand sanitizers all the time. But we often overlook that one thing that we come in contact with most of the time – our cell phone.

Research shows that mobile phones are 10x dirtier than toilet seats as these handheld devices carry 10x more bacteria than most toilet seats. So, you may think your hands are clean after hand washing. But the moment you touch your phone screen, you’re potentially picking up lots of bacteria. And with that one touch, you’re putting all your hand washing efforts to naught. This is why it is also crucial to keep our devices clean and free from germs. And probably the most efficient way to disinfect non-porous objects is by exposing them to ultraviolet C light or UVC.


Phone Sanitizer With Dual UVC Lamps

phone sanitizer uvc lamps

Most phone sanitizers use UVC to kill microorganisms on any non-porous surfaces. For decades, UVC radiation has been used to disinfect, not only non-porous objects, but also air and water. This sanitizer employs the same germicidal ultraviolet spectrum in eliminating bacteria and disease-causing viruses on any devices. In just 8 minutes, it’s highly efficient UVC lamps kill 99.9% of germs on your entire phone. All microorganisms clinging to the screen, buttons, casing and even those hiding in between grooves and cracks in our phones, will be eliminated.

phone sanitizer with dual uvc lamps


uvc disinfection device

Known as the shortest wavelength of the three forms of ultraviolet, UVC is also the most harmful among these radiations. Prolonged exposure to this radiation can burn the skin and can cause damage to the eyes. To protect the users, this sanitizer only activates the UVC lamps when the lid is closed to avoid outside exposure. Simply place your device inside the unit’s compartment, close the lid and push the on/off button to start sterilization. The sanitizer turns off after 8 minutes. When the cover is accidentally opened during the operation mode, the UVC lamps will automatically turn off.

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uvc disinfection device cellphone

What’s more, this multi-functional sanitizer also has a wireless charging station located on the cover. Just place your device (with the wireless charging feature) on top of the charging station for fast charging. That’s not all, the unit also has a built-in aromatherapy diffuser located right in the sanitizing compartment. Add some drops of your favorite essential oil into the diffuser and enjoy the soothing scent while it disinfects or charges your phone. We recommend using tea tree or lavender essentials oils as these are known to have natural disinfecting properties.


This UVC Disinfection Device Is Also A Wireless Charger And Aromatherapy Diffuser

uvc disinfection device wireless charger


uvc disinfection device aromatherapy diffuser

This multifunctional phone sanitizer measures 8 inches long, 4.7 inches wide and 1.6 thick with an inside depth of 1 inch. Aside from mobile phones, you can also use it to disinfect whatever that can fit inside. Keys, sunglasses, ear buds, jewelry, wallets, watches and other small items.

uvc disinfection device keys


phone sanitizer with wireless charging station

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“Works great. Well built, good quality product. Wireless charging works flawlessly, very pleased.”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “This works well and have basic indicators when it’s cleaning. Good price point too.”, another buyer wrote.

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