This Car Seat Organizer Is A Game Changer For People With Kids

A road trip with the family is best enjoyed when there is no messy clutter inside the car. Get this car seat organizer with a tablet holder to have a mess-free ride while keeping your kids entertained. We all know that keeping a car’s interior clean is just as important as keeping the exterior clean and polished. But if you have kids, maintaining a tidy car interior is almost next to impossible. And when there is stuff flying around, the trip can bring a lot of stress for both you and your kids.

Car manufacturers have been integrating more practical components into the interior design to help passengers organize their belongings. They’ve added more cup holders and additional storage areas to keep our extra stuff. But despite all of these, we always end up with more things to carry in our cars. Now this is where this organizer comes in handy. It features multiple pockets to keep your things and a clear touchscreen viewer window which is big enough for 10-inch tablets.


Car Seat Organizer

tablet holder vehicle seat

This organizer has adjustable top and bottom straps with buckles to let you easily attach it to the back of the front seat. The tablet pocket is generously sized to fit tablets up to 10 inches. Furthermore, its clear viewer window allows you to use the touchscreen of your tablet while in the holder. Below the tablet holder is another large pocket with a Velcro strap to hold bulky items in place. You can use this large pocket to store books, snacks, large toys, toiletries and more.

car seat organizer with tablet pocket


car seat organizer with tablet holder

In addition to the two large pockets, this car organizer also has four mesh pockets, two on each side. You can use these pockets to hold tumblers, sippy cups, baby bottles, small toys, treats, sanitizers and other smaller objects. It provides a convenient and accessible way to keep your toddler’s essentials within reach. Plus, your kid will be too occupied watching their favorite videos on the tablet so you will get that much-needed ‘quiet’ trip.

mesh pockets and tablet holder


car seat organizer with tablet pocket attached

This organizer with a tablet holder is made of durable polyester which is resistant to stretching and shrinkage. It measures 20.8 inches tall and 16.9 inches wide which fits snugly at the back of the front seat. To clean, just wipe it with a soft cloth. It comes with a free cleaning cloth to efficiently remove dirt and fingerprints from the tablet pocket screen. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I truly love this organizer, and I recommend it to anyone! Great for all ages, and I found myself half turned in the passenger seat watching my [daughter’s] kiddie shows with her! Great product!”

car seat organizer with tablet pocket front seat

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tablet holder front seat attachment

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