The Hug Ring Will Always Be There To Give You That Hug You Need During The Day

Let someone special feel your love by giving them this hug ring. This handmade piece of jewelry is designed to look like a tiny pair of arms. When worn, it appears like it’s giving the finger a warm embrace. A perfect gift for your partner, your parents, your best friend or those who are really in need of some love.

The beautiful ring is made from sterling silver. It features a minimalist design in the shape of a hugging hand. This ring also comes in an open adjustable design to fit fingers of all sizes. The stunning silver arms wrapping around your finger is sure to brighten up your day. Giving it to the ones you love will also make them feel loved and appreciated.


Hug Ring

hug ring silver

A warm embrace instantly lifts spirits and can make anyone feel better. As it is universally comforting, it’s a kind gesture to tell someone that everything will be okay. Giving them a hug also lets them know that we care for them. Thus, it helps boost their happiness and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. However, we can’t always be there by their sides whenever they need us. This unique ring is designed to embody this act of kindness.

hug ring


hug ring sterling silver

Give it to your loved ones to remind them of your never-ending love for them, even when you’re not physically there. The beautiful hooking design also symbolizes eternity. Empower yourself by wearing this on your finger. And let this compassionate gesture remind you to have confidence and courage every step of the way.

sterling silver jewelry hooking design


silver jewelry hugging arms

Just like any other sterling silver jewelry, the ring is also susceptible to tarnish due to its copper content. Tarnish forms when copper reacts to ozone and hydrogen sulfide in the air. Chemicals from perfumes and hairs sprays can also hasten tarnishing. Although it’s impossible to prevent tarnish from forming, there are a few ways to help delay tarnish formation. One of which is to wear the sterling silver jewelry frequently as the oils in the skin helps protect the copper from the chemical compounds in the air.

silver hug ring


silver jewelry embracing arms design


“This ring quality is so worth it for the price. Very sleek and shiny look. Also, it’s still sturdy and snug after adjusting a few times. Cute as an everyday accessory.”, one happy buyer wrote.

hug ring hooking design

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sterling silver jewelry embracing arm design

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