This Wine Cellar Management System Keeps Track Of Your Wine Collection

Organize and keep track of your wine collection with the help of this high-tech wine cellar management system. Every collector takes pride in showing off their collections, be it cars, jewelry, dolls, coins, stamps or wine. Collecting rare and valuable items sure is fun but keeping track of too many collectibles is not an easy task. For wine collectors, having a wine cellar to store their precious collection is a must. Unlike other collectible items, wine doesn’t stay in the collection forever. Sooner or later, they will be taken out from the cellar to be consumed and replaced with new ones. Since wine is a consumable collectible, it makes it more complicated to organize and keep track of its inventory.

If you’re a wine collector and are having some problems handling your huge collection, you really need to have this management system. Using a simple cataloging system, this smart system lets you know what you have in your collection, where to find each bottle and when they mature. This is the ultimate solution if you have trouble finding the right wine for a particular occasion or if you can’t tell your guests what wine they’re having. Plus, you don’t need to take each bottle out from the racks to search for one particular wine. Just type in the name of the wine and let the system browse the inventory and find its the exact location.


Wine Cellar Management System

wine cellar management system

The management system consists of three parts – a 17-inch touchscreen computer, a barcode printer and a bar code scanner. All these components are encased in a handcrafted oak box to add a touch of elegance to any cellar style. To register a bottle into the system, simply type in the first three letters of the wine’s name. The WiFi/Ethernet-connected computer will immediately search through a database of 350,000 wine varieties. So if you typed in ‘PEN’ for instance, the system will recognize that you’re trying to enter a Penfolds wine and will assist you by displaying all wines under the name along with their images to help you find the match.

automatic wine cellar management system

When you’ve found the specific wine from the list, simply select it and the system will then assist you in entering pertinent details about that particular wine. Required information includes winery, vintage, country of origin, region, variety and maturity. Lastly, the system will also prompt you to enter the location or the rack code where you’ll be storing the bottle. This information will help you find the exact location of the bottle that you’re trying to find later on. After entering all necessary information, the barcode printer will print a customized bar code. Affix the bar code to the bottle then store it in the specified location.


Bar Code Printer

bar code printer


barcode printer wine bottle

Along with the name and the location of the wine, the system also prints the expiration date, rating, date of purchase and the price you paid for it. So, you can see all this info on the affixed barcode on each bottle. With the help of this management system, you can catalog your collection and monitor your inventory from anywhere using your smartphone. Searching for a specific wine has never been this easy. You can easily view which wines have reached full maturation to let you enjoy your precious spirits before they expire. Or if you have a particular wine in mind, simply enter the name in the search box and the system will relay its location on the screen.

bar code wine bottle


Bar Code Scanner

bar code scanner

When it’s time to pop the cork, use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the bottle. This will prompt the system that you’re taking out that bottle for consumption. So, it will automatically delete it from the inventory upon confirmation. With this wine cellar management system, you’ll no longer lose track of how much your wine is worth, even when you’re not at home.

wine cellar management system barcode scanner


esommelier wine cellar management system


wine cellar management system touch screen

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Source: Amazon| Hammacher Schlemmer