I Could Stare At These Aquarium Rings All Day

The small yet amazing world inside an aquarium is always a fascinating sight. Now you can take this underwater world wherever you go by wearing this aquarium ring. A fish tank doesn’t only make an eye-catching addition to homes but it also provides a lot of health benefits. Just watching the fishes gracefully swim in tranquil water generates positive energy that significantly improves mental wellbeing and focus. Unfortunately, we can’t possibly take a fish tank with us when we leave our homes. If only there was a way to downsize this aquatic receptacle so we can bring it everywhere we go.

Well, guess what? This Etsy shop designed and created a ring adorned with a lifelike fish tank. The ring features a blue-colored band that replicates the appearance of water. Instead of gemstones, the head features a miniature replica of a fish tank. It comes complete with colorful fishes, sand, stones and moss all contained in a clear receptacle. The ring is made of blue and transparent resin while the mini fishes and all the objects inside are made of plastic.


Aquarium Ring

aquarium ring

The stunning ring is available in a wide range of ring sizes from US 5.25 up to US 12.75. If you can’t find your exact ring size from the list, just select ‘other’ from the options and specify your size before checking out. You can also choose your preferred colors for the fishes. There’s one with gold & silver fishes and one with orange & silver fishes. Since it is made of resin, the ring is lightweight and extremely good to wear.

fish tank resin jewelry


tranparent resin fish tank jewelry


aquarium ring mini fishes


aquarium ring orange fishes

The Etsy shop also accepts customization details upon request. They can make the angles round or change the color of the ring band if you prefer other colors. You can also request to add more items into your fish tank such as a mermaid, skull, treasure chest or many others. With its realistic details, this ring is guaranteed to make heads turn. And every time you feel stressed or burned out, just gaze at the serene world inside your ring and you’ll instantly feel better. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Without a doubt the coolest piece of jewelry I have ever owned. I have worn it almost every day since I got it. It is beautiful and surprisingly pleasant to wear in spite of its size.”

aquarium ring resin


aquarium ring blue resin shank


fish tank resin jewelry realistic


fish tank resin jewelry box

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fish tank resin jewelry orange silver fishes

Source: Etsy