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poolmaster dual baby pool float rider

This Pool Float Is Great For Parents Who Have More Than 1 Child

Kids love to splash around in a pool or the ocean. And summer is the perfect time to let them spend the hot days in the water. Parents are fully aware of the dangers lurking in the water. Either way, it’s still essential to give our kids an enjoyable...
garden igloo

You Can Now Get A Garden Igloo Perfect For Your Backyard

What if you had a garden igloo during the summertime? Wouldn’t you want to spend more time relaxing inside this dome that’s a kind of clear greenhouse? Whenever summer comes, you’d always want to be well-prepared for a season of relaxation and feeli...
glasses for short people

Guy Invents Glasses That Lets Short People Get In On The Action

Do you have a friend who’s 200-cm or 6’6” tall? Then surely you have that experience of going to a concert together, and hearing all the short people behind you murmur. Apparently, the problem is more common than you think it is. The good news is tha...