The Prison Mike Sequin Pillowcase Is Something Every Office Needs

Everyone loves The Office for a lot of reasons, one of which is that the hilarious characters depict everyday people, making the show something people can relate to. The American sitcom’s popularity also made it one of the most memeable shows in the world, with hundreds and thousands of The Office memes being created and shared on the internet every day. This Prison Mike Sequin Pillowcase pays homage to one of the show’s most iconic moments. So, now you can bring the meme-worthy image of Michael Scott to your bed, sofa, chair, office or anywhere you want to.

This decorative pillow cover features Michael’s hilarious alter-ego which was introduced in episode 9 of the show’s third season. Wearing a purple bandana on his head, Michael acts as a horribly stereotyped character of a convict. This is just to prove to everyone that life in prison is much more horrible than life in the office. Michael’s impersonation of an intimidating and scary ex-convict was so outrageous that his facial expression cemented its place in the Meme World.


Prison Mike Sequin Pillowcase

prison mike sequin pillowcase

You can relive this funny scene to help brighten up your day with this pillowcase. This decorative pillow cover has a reversible sequin in front. Just run your fingers across the sequins to reveal or conceal the image. You can choose to display the shiny sequins in a plain color or unveil the daunting face of Prison Mike. It’s your choice. The back side of the pillow cover is made of soft suede fabric for a comfy nap. It has a hidden zip closure to.

prison mike sequin pillowcase black


prison mike sequin pillowcase black silver


the office inspired mermaid pillow cover


mermaid pillow cover back soft suede fabric

Take note that the pillowcase doesn’t come with pillow inserts. So, you’ll need to have an existing 16 inch x 16 inch pillow. If you don’t have one, you can buy one here. This decorative pillow cover is available in various sequin colors including blue, black, black silver and champagne gold. Handwash to clean and let the sequins dry naturally. One happy buyer wrote:

“Bought this as a silly ‘just because’ gift for my husband. He loves this pillow! I only regret my purchase now he strategically places it where he can scare me! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves The Office.”

prison mike sequin pillowcase champagne gold


the office inspired mermaid pillow cover blue


prison mike sequin pillowcase gold


the office inspired mermaid pillow cover black silver

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