This Face-To-Face Double Pool Float Is A Must-Have For The Summer

Enjoy relaxing pool time with your family, partner or best friend while seeing eye to eye (literally) with this face-to-face double pool float. Summer time is fast approaching and people would normally be spending more time on the beaches and in pools. So, this is the time when pool floats become a necessity for a refreshing summer. Inflatable floaties come in various shapes and sizes, from single-person floats to large inflatable rafts that can accommodate up to 6 people.

But if you wish to have a relaxing moment with your partner or a friend then this pool float lets you enjoy summer to the fullest. This two-person inflatable lounger has enough room for you and another person. So you can gently drift on water with just the two of you. Unlike most two-person floats, this one features a unique opposed design that places two people in opposite orientations. So, you can have conversation while making eye contact with the other person.


Face-to-Face Double Pool Float

face-to-face double pool float

This double pool float includes everything you need for a comfortable lounging without interruption. It features two elevated headrests on opposite sides to let you see and talk to the person next to you while relaxing back. There are two cup holders and an on-board ice bucket located in between the two loungers. So you can have your ice-cold drinks at arm’s reach. This two-person lounger is made of heavy duty vinyl in a blue color to match the aqua theme. One happy buyer wrote:

“I love this float. It is awesome to have a face to face conversation with an adult comfortably. I actually got on it one morning and laid diagonally on it and fell asleep on without getting wet at all. It really is queen size.”

face-to-face double pool float opposed design


face2face float

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Source: Amazon | Walmart