The Scrap’n Snacks Compost Bar Press Turns Your Scraps Into Tasty Snacks

Don’t throw away those leftovers just yet! Turn those food scraps into yummy energy bars with this Scrap’n Snack compost bar press. Having a lavish meal is a part of any festivity or special occasion. Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, weddings – gathering round a bountiful dinner table is the highlight of every celebration. It’s fun to enjoy delicious meals with family and friends to celebrate the occasion. But the fun stops when you’re left with table scraps to clean away.

Before you throw away those scraps into the trash bin, you can still breathe new life into them by turning them into edible bars. And this compost press will make that happen. All the leftover spaghetti, apple cores and shrimp tails that are likely to rot away in a landfill, can still see the light of another day. This amazing product works by pressing these scraps altogether into a single snack bar. It essentially transforms food waste into chewable bars, giving you delicious snacks on the go while reducing the amount of waste in the environment.


Scrap’n Snacks Compost Bar Press

compost bar press prank gift box

With that being said, there are only two possible opinions that are running in your mind right now. You’re either into the idea of repurposing table scraps into edible bars or you’re already throwing up at the idea of feeding your family with bar-shaped rubbish. But either way, you don’t need to stress yourself because the compost press isn’t a thing. Yup, it doesn’t exist at all. This is basically an empty gift box intended for pranks. So, if you’ve taken this product seriously earlier then you’ve been pranked!

prank gift box gag item

This gag gift box is the most hilarious way to pack your original gift. And watch the receiver’s reaction when they unwrap the gift and see the ridiculous product on the box. Will they be glad to make tasty waste or will they be dismayed by the absurd item? Their priceless reaction is certainly worth capturing. Then watch as they open the box and discover the real gift inside.

compost bar press gift box prank

To make the prank gift box more convincing, it features detailed descriptions of the fake product along with vivid images and simple instructions. It even comes with a free cookbook courtesy of a fictional chef. As legit as it looks, they will have no idea that this is only a prank box. The box measures 11.25 inches x 9 inches x 3.25 inches. One happy buyer wrote:

“This was hilarious! This box fooled not only the gift recipient, but also all the gullible adults who were there. So funny, everyone roared with laughter.”

scrap n snacks prank gift box back


compost bar press

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