This Silicone Rubber Lips Wall Feature Will Certainly Get People’s Attention

Silicone rubber lips that look startlingly like a real mouth, to say that it’s weird is an understatement. But if you’re into oddly interesting stuff then this wall décor may be right up your alley. Besides, we all need a bit of whimsy and fun in our home.

This wall hanging features a mouth that doesn’t only look realistic, it also feels like the real thing. These handmade silicone lips feels soft and fleshy with a skin tone pigment to give them an eerily lifelike appearance. The lips are mounted on a hard, circular urethane frame that you can easily hang on your wall. There’s a keyhole hanger at the back of the piece to let you easily slip it over a nail or a screw. It also comes with a hand-painted cast resin cigarette with a droopy ash tip that you can slip into the rubber mouth. Of course, you can also put an actual cigarette into the mouth if you want to. Not lit of course!


Silicone Rubber Lips That Looks Too Realistic

rubber lips wall decor

But if you have kids in the house, you might not want to encourage smoking by placing cigarettes into these decorative lips. Instead, you can place other objects such as pencil, stemmed flower, chopstick and other small objects. And the slightly opened mouth will be happy to hold it for you.

rubber lips wall decor cast resin cigarette


rubber lips wall decor blue frame


wall decor keyhole hanger


rubber lips funny pencil holder

This funny wall hanging measures 4 inches high, 4 inches wide and 1 5/8 inches deep. It also comes with a mounting screw to let you hang the piece with ease. The circular frame is available in black, blue and pink colors. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This awesome art piece is exactly as described and looks great. It also came with a ceramic cigarette, which I was not aware it would. It hangs on the wall easily with a small nail and is signed and dated on the back. I finally have someone to kiss during quarantine.”

weird wall decor silicone mouth black frame


weird wall decor silicone mouth


weird wall decor realistic mouth


rubber lips wall decor object holder


weird wall decor silicone mouth pink frame

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Source: Etsy