These Cute Metal Chickens Make A Great Addition To Any Garden

Watching chickens roam around your front lawn is a pleasant sight. Unfortunately, it’s just impossible to raise chickens and maintain a perfect lawn at the same time. These metal chickens are absolutely the closest thing to having some pet chickens on your lawn. So, you can watch these gorgeous fowls all you want without having your lawn or garden getting destroyed.

It’s no secret that raising chickens is a hard, dirty work and is not something to be taken lightly. If you intend to keep free range chickens, expect them to invade and ruin your lawns and gardens. Naturally, they would dig in and around garden beds and peck in the grass. Furthermore, the high nitrogen content in their poop chemically burns the grass and plants in your garden. If you’re not willing to sacrifice your lawn and garden, getting these decorative chickens is the right way to go.


Metal Chickens For Your Front Lawn

metal chickens lawn decor

These lawn decorations feature life size silhouettes, all handmade from metal in black electro static powder coating. They come in a set of five and each bird is in different poses. Each piece comes with a prong to let you easily stake them into the ground. With a pop of vibrant red comb, these chickens will make an eye-catching ornament for your lawn and garden. You can also opt to attach these outdoor decorations to the trees to give your yard the ambience of a farmhouse. And you can even hang these ornaments on the walls inside your house.

metal chickens lawn decor dimensions


farmhouse inspired garden decors


black metal chickens lawn decor


“These are the most adorable chickens ever! They look great on the hill in my backyard!” one buyer wrote. “I absolutely love these whimsical chickens. I’m building a farmhouse and these will make a smashing addition to my garden area.” another buyer wrote.

handmade black metal chickens


farmhouse-inspired lawn decors


lawn ornaments farmhouse inspired

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Source: Etsy