Adding Chicken Arms Make It Seem Like They Want To Fight

Chickens are not exactly most people’s choice for pets. So, it’s always fascinating to see chicken lovers take their love for these farm fowls to the next level by keeping them as pets. Just like cats, dogs and any other pet, chickens are worthy of care and love too. Luckily, there are now tons of unique accessories to help chicken owners make their poultry pals’ lives more comfortable and convenient. Of course, adding a bit of fun is always welcome too, and that’s where these funky chicken arms come in!

Apparently, this trend has been going on for quite a while now. It all began when a member of the Facebook Group “Birdtime” named Michelle Bush shared some photos of an unusual gift she received from a friend. As it turns out, the package was intended for Sparkle, her pet fowl.


Amusingly, it contained a pair of arms designed for birds. So, Bush draped it on her pet’s nape, which then created the illusion that it had grown arms! She also included photos of Sparkle donning the quirky accessory in her post. Naturally, her post went viral in an instant and garnered positive responses from other members of the group.



Chicken arms are now a thing, and they’re a great way to show off how buff your feathery friends are

Realizing the demand for this fun accessory, various sellers on Etsy soon began selling these as well. So, if you’re also planning to get one for your feathery friend, then here are a few options. The most common ones typically consist of a pair of “human” arms similar to the ones we see on dolls and action figures. There’s also a wire that connects the arms to make the piece wearable. Since the wire is bendable, you can adjust it to fit your fowl comfortably.



These funny accessories typically consist of a pair of “human” arms similar to the ones we see on dolls and action figures



There’s also a wire that connects the arms to make the piece wearable


We’ve also spotted a shop selling 3D-printed ones that come in various colors, including black, blue, purple, orange, yellow and more. Each piece is custom-made, so you can specify your chicken’s breed when you place an order for accurate sizing. These candy-colored arms certainly give off a more comical vibe when worn. However, if you want your pet to look like a human-chicken hybrid, then you may choose the one that features the upper limbs of a doll.



There are also 3D-printed ones which come in a variety of vibrant colors



These accessories certainly make great props for pretend cockfights!


Well, if you happen to have some unused dolls at home and a couple of wires, then you may simply create one for your feathery friend. Twitter user @niwatori3wa used twist ties for their version, and it also turned out fine.


If you have old dolls at home, you may simply opt to DIY a pair of chicken arms for your pet fowl


Regardless of which material you decide to use, do note that these accessories are for temporary use only. Likewise, keep in mind to ensure your chicken’s comfort at all times when using this accessory. If you just can’t get enough of these funky accessories, do check out these tiny T-rex arms as well for something exotic!

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