Kids Will Love These Light-Up LED Gloves

Gloves are essential for children in the winter, but why not make them fun? These light up gloves provide warmth and flashes of color right on your kids’ fingertips. Kids love to play in the snow and have a lot of fun during their winter vacation. Outdoor activities in winter can be fun but also dangerous for kids. This is why we always make sure to keep them warm by gearing them up with cozy winter gear from head to toe. However, some kids aren’t the biggest fan of gloves because they’re not comfortable wearing them and they hate feeling restricted.

Not only that but kids can find gloves rather boring and unattractive. But a pair of gloves with flashing fingers is a different story. If anything, your kids will be begging to wear these gloves all the time. Reliable hand protection for outdoor and indoor activities, these are also equipped with high quality electronic devices to create bright flashing colored lights. Your kids will surely love watching their fingers dazzle in different colors.


Light-Up Gloves With Flashing LED Fingers

light up gloves

Each set has luminous LED lights in 3 colors: red, blue and green. And, each glove is powered by 2 lithium batteries (included). These feature 6 different color modes and flashing patterns that you can set by pressing the button on the wrist. You can choose 3-color flashes in fast and slow speed settings, steady 3-color mode and flashing one-color modes. Additionally, your purchase comes with 4 extra lithium batteries for free. To replace the batteries, simply locate the battery compartment by opening the Velcro on the glove wrist.

light up gloves for kids


led flashing hand protection modes


led flashing hand protection for kids

The inner lining is made of cotton to keep the hands warm and comfortable. These glowing gloves can also be used as charming accessories for stage performances, in dance halls and when watching concerts. These measure 8.2 inches tall and 3.4 inches wide, ideal for kids 5 – 12 years of age. The pair of gloves comes in a sleek box with a greeting card making it a gift-ready novelty present for kids. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Fun and warm. Gave as gift and they were a hit. [My] 10-year-old loved putting them on and playing outdoors especially as it started to get dark.”

three colors light up gloves


led flashing hand protection

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