The Glideware Sliding Pot Holder Is A Stylish And Easy Way Store And Organize Your Cookware

As we grow older, the things that impress us change. A room full of toys used to wow us as kids. And now that we’re all grown up, an organized and functional kitchen is now what we aspire for. But as well all know, keeping the kitchen tidy can prove to be quite a challenge. Dishes pile up and sometimes we put off putting things back in their proper place. And sometimes arranging pots and pans can also get tricky. So if you’re struggling to keep your cookware all in one place, you might want to invest in the Glideware Sliding Pot Holder!

Chances are, you’ve caused your entire collection of cookware to crash down on the kitchen floor at some point in your life. It’s never a pleasant moment, to listen to that racket. And let’s get real: cookware, especially the top-quality ones, don’t come cheap. So when you do get around to getting yourself a set of high-grade cookware, it’s like a major milestone in itself. So why not display them using this pot holder?

glideware sliding pot holder in grey with orange cookware


glideware sliding pot holder in grey


Store your prize cookware with ease and style with the Glideware Sliding Pot Holder

The pot holder features an adjustable hook organizer that you can easily pull out from your base cabinet. With this set-up, you’ll never struggle to find your pots or pans again, because they’ll all be on display! (Plus points if you manage to arrange them by size!) The hooks can hold up to 100 lbs, so you won’t ever have to worry about hearing an unexpected crash in your kitchen… ever again. In fact, you can even hang your heavy cast iron skillet together with your other pots and pans using the sliding pot hanger!





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According to Glideware, you can also use their product as hanging storage for brooms and mops. And if you happen to find that you have way too many things to hang and not enough hooks to use, you can simply order additional hooks from them! You have the choice of getting their Sliding Pot Holder in clear coated maple or in a grey finish. Installing the holder is relatively simple – you won’t need any tools for it! All you have to do is make sure to measure your cabinet’s length, as Glideware offers 3 different lengths for their pot holder. Buy it here today!
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