This Ripped Packing Tape Makes It Look Like Your Parcel Was Tampered With

No one likes receiving their packages in beat up boxes. This type of reckless package handling is enough to ruin someone’s day. And sometimes, as if that were not enough, a sneaky passer-by might snatch the parcel away. If only there was a way to pack and protect parcels from mishandling and looting, right? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve found this cheeky ripped packing tape. And we’ve got a feeling that it’ll confuse then amuse your package’s recipient!

You can’t pack anything without tape. It’s so essential that we often take it for granted. After all, it’s usually clear and unnoticeable after you apply it on the surface you want to put together. But this tape will definitely have the opposite effect. It’s sure to make people do doubletakes without encouraging them to take the parcel away! The startling tape comes from secluded Japanese general store Monyaizumi. This Tokyo-based general store offers office supplies that come with unusual details. From error message-printed file folders and ‘hazardous’ water bottles… their products will definitely make interesting additions to your stationery collection!

several rolls of ripped packing tape


ripped packing tape used on a plain cardboard box


Each roll of this torn cardboard-inspired tape is made-to-order by Japanese company Monyaizumi

monyaizumi staff holds up a roll of ripped packing tape


Give your package’s recipient a shock with this ripped packing tape

Monyaizumi’s products are definitely not your typical stationery supplies. But while everything in their catalog is eye-catching, there’s no denying that this packing tape sticks out the most! After all, it’s not every day that you see tape printed with realistic corrugated cardboard, is it? The tape will make your package box look as if it’s gone through rough times in transit. But of course, it won’t really be ‘beat up’. It just looks as if it is!

According to Monyaizumi, the product is a polypropylene (OPP) tape with rubber adhesive. Its adhesive comprises of natural rubber, resin and a solvent mixture to ensure that it sticks to whatever surface you want to apply it on. The tape measures 48mm wide and 40m in length overall. The entire length of this tape features tears in different shapes and sizes to give it an even more realistic effect.

tape can be used even on different colored boxes


This packing tape may deter potential parcel theft to

The packing tape is made-to-order. Monyaizumi has a fixed production schedule for the tape, so you’ll need to double check the provided shipping time before placing your order. This cheeky tape is definitely not something you can buy if you’re in a rush. You can get a single roll of this packing tape. But if you know you’re going to need more than that, Monyaizumi also offers it in sets of 3s and 9s. This is will definitely make a great packaging idea for April Fools!

rip illusion on white letter-size envelope

Source: Monyaizumi