Make Chores Fun With This Extreme Chores Video Game

Show the fun side of doing household tasks to your kids by letting them play this Extreme Chores video game. Children who do chores at a young age learn responsibility and acquire valuable life skills that will help them set priorities and manage their time. The skills and habits they gain from it will help the transition from childhood to adulthood run smoothly. But of course, every parent knows that encouraging a child to do some chores isn’t an easy task. And with all these electronic gadgets that they have now, it is now even harder to train them to do the daily duties.

But here’s a simple trick to encourage your kids to help you with household chores. You simply need to show them how fun it is to rake leaves, wash dishes, clean the litter box or do some gardening. This video game brilliantly combines motion control technology and ‘smart parenting’ to convince your kids that chores are fun. With four wireless adaptors in the shape of a rake, frying pan, shovel and litter box scoop, they have to perform specific tasks and finish the job before time runs out. You can watch them play and beat the clock while cheering them on to complete the challenges.


Extreme Chores Video Game

extreme chores video game

Do you think this motion controlled video game could convince them to take the challenge to the real world? Or do you think that this would only make their addiction to technology even worse? Save yourself from thinking too hard because the video game doesn’t exist. This is a prank gift box designed to trick the receiver by letting them believe that they’ve received such a ridiculous product. Just place the real gift inside the empty box and get your camera ready to capture their reaction once they unwrap the gift.

extreme chores video game prank gift box


motion controlled video game prank box


extreme chores video game gift box

Featuring a convincing product description and high quality illustrations, this prank gift box is sure to make the receiver believe that it actually contains the absurd item. So, you could just imagine their surprise when they find the real gift inside. And the laughs when they realize that the ridiculous item isn’t real. The video game prank gift box measures 11.25 inches x 9 inches x 3.25 inches. A perfect prank to pull on kids while hiding their real gift inside this funny box. One customer review reads:

“So my nephew caught on pretty quick, but he laughed so much at this joke box. A few days after, he kept talking about it more so than the gift inside haha! He even wants to use it to prank a friend on his birthday. Parents joked it should be a real game.”

motion controlled video game prank


motion controlled video game funny prank

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