The YAK Paint Roll Cleaner Cleans Your Roller In Seconds

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to transform a room. If you’ve ever painted your own walls, you’ll know just how difficult and messy cleaning the paint rollers can get. More often than not, most will just leave their roller to dry and throw it out. But disposing of perfectly reusable rollers is really a waste of money. Fortunately we’ve discovered the YAK Paint Roll Cleaner so you’ll never have to sweat rinsing out your rollers again!

With this paint roll cleaner, you can finally say goodbye to overnight soaking, repetitive wringing and the overall drippy mess that comes with cleaning out used paint rollers. The paint roller cleaner comes in the form of a transparent rectangular box. This innovative cleaning tool comes fitted with a slot you can use to secure your roller and also an entry point for the water. This cleaning box confines your paint-drenched roller in a small space. Simply hold the box over a pail or tub to collect the residual wastewater, and you’re good to go!

Easy paint roller cleaner

YAK Paint Roll Cleaner
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Clean your paint roller quickly and easily with this paint roll cleaner

Using the YAK Cleaner is extremely easy. Simply insert the paint roller inside the box and position your hose in the small slot and let the pressurized water do the rest of the work. The water pressure will make the paint roller spin. And while it’s doing so, the paint remaining on the roller will be drawn out. The demonstration videos show that the process takes around 30 seconds for your paint roller to go from being covered in paint to being good-as-new. It’s definitely a great investment for anyone constantly doing major paintwork. Home painters and artists will definitely love this awesome cleaning tool!

“The YAK Paint Roll Cleaner is a versatile, easy-to-use cleaner for any size paint roll. It will cut your clean up time to a fraction of what you normally spend cleaning up after a painting project. It confines the mess to a small area and contains any potential splatter mess!”

girl uses the YAK paint roll cleaner
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girl cleans her paint roller using the YAK paint roll cleaner
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Unfortunately, as of writing, the product is currently not on sale. So if you are interested in acquiring this neat cleaning tool, simply fill out a form on Yak’s website. Once the cleaner is available, you will receive a notification via email from Yak. Thanks to this cleaner, you won’t need to keep buying paint rollers and you will get your money’s worth with the ones you already have. How neat is that?


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