This Levitating Planter Allows You To Grow Your Favorite Plant In Mid-Air

It’s no magic trick! Floating pots are a thing and it’s the most spellbinding piece of décor that you can add to your home. And, you don’t have to look any further because we’ve found this levitating planter that lets you cultivate your bonsai, succulent or air plants in mid-air. Watch as your guests gasp in amazement when they see this charming pot hovering on top of your desk or table. Then you can impress them even more by giving the floating pot a gentle spin.

It is made up of two separate parts: the planter and the platform. The lightweight pot is made of ABS plastic which is resistant to strong impacts and corrosive chemicals. Furthermore, this polymer material is relatively harmless because it doesn’t contain any toxic carcinogens. The white-colored pot features a geometric design to add an elegantly sleek accent into your home. Simply plug the wooden platform in then set the pot in place. Make sure to hold the pot with both hands to center it properly. The pot should float once it settles in place.


Levitating Planter

levitating planter

But how does the magic work? The trick involves the age-old magnet technology that we’ve learned from grade school. Remember when you placed two magnets next to each other, with both north pole ends facing each other? Doing that creates a strong magnetic repulsion that pushes the magnets away from each other. This is because similar poles produce arrows pointing in opposite directions that prevent the field lines from joining up. As a result, the magnets repel when both north pole ends face each other.

levitating planter magnetic


floating pot with magnetic base

This planter floats because the bottom part of it and the top part of the platform are both north poles. Since the pot and the wooden base cannot touch each other, the pot stays hovering in mid-air due to magnetic repulsion. Although the floating pot creates a magical sight, there’s really no magic involved. Moreover, this awesome decoration does more than just keep the pot afloat. The touch button on the platform allows you to rotate the hovering pot in either clockwise or counterclockwise directions. You can also opt to keep the floating pot stable.

wood finish platform


floating pot top view

The levitating planter measures 2 inches tall with a diameter of 3.5 inches while the square platform measures 1 inch tall and 5 inches wide. The platform is available in colors light brown and dark brown. It doesn’t come with a plant so it’s up to you to decide which plant goes with it.

floating pot magnetic platform


floating pot in mid-air

In choosing a plant, consider the weight of the plant and the soil. It won’t be able to levitate if the weight is too heavy. So, we recommend filling it with small, lightweight plants such as bonsai and succulents. If you need to remove the pot, hold the bottom part of the pot before turning off the platform. This prevents the pot from crashing down and making a mess.


“Product was exactly as depicted and works as intended. So cool to see this little pot float in mid-air like magic.”, one satisfied buyer wrote.

levitating planter geometric design


levitating planter dark brown platform

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