People Share “Technically True” Posts That Make Sense

Citizens of the net (netizens for short) like to argue online that social media and the comment sections are now the world’s number one debating forums. Even if we don’t take part in the argument, we simply entertain ourselves by reading the exchange of blows. Probably the most interesting parts of these online arguments are those clever comebacks and savage responses that are technically true. And what’s more amusing is how these sharp-witted people take down their opponents with an honest-to-goodness logic that no one can argue with.

If you enjoy reading witty comments or brutally honest responses to silly questions then the Technically the Truth subreddit can be your next favorite online hangout. The online community features a compilation of comments and responses that are technically true but far from the actual answers you’re expecting to hear. And when you’re slapped with the truth, realization kicks in and you just can’t help but applaud these savvy people for winning an argument like a boss.


Savage Responses That Are Technically True

“God Works In Mysterious Ways”

We ourselves are huge fans of this entertaining subreddit. As a matter of fact, we’ve previously featured some of the funniest posts from the page here and here. And since its 2 million ‘truthers’ keep on adding more and more hilarious posts each day, we’ve round up another list to give you the latest examples of ridiculous answers that are technically true.

“I Hate People Like This”


“Can’t Forget About Oscar!”


“Life Savings”


“Of Course”


“What’s Cookies Though?”


“High On Heaven”


“He’s Got A Point”


“The Perfect Date”


“Somebody That I Used To Knowwwwww”


“Well… Yes…”


“Yachtless Talks About Shirtless”


“I Love Pi”




“Such A Tragic Story”




“Solar-Powered Dryer”


“In All Its Glory”


“He’s Freezing Too Probably”


“Something We Can All Agree On”


“I Was Doing Homework When I Did This…”


“Technically, 911 Is A Phone Number”


“If That’s Really What You Want”


“So True!”


“He Ain’t Lying Tho”


“Possessing A Car…”


“I Do Too.”




“A Matter Of Degrees”


“Looking For Boyfriend Without Social Media At Social Media”


“I Also Didn’t Fight In World War”


“They Are Speaking The Language Of The Gods”


“People Are Savages.”


“How To Eat Healthy… Maybe”


“Speak English”

Source: Reddit