Cat Meme Car Sticker

Bring some laughs and smiles to the road with this shocked cat car sticker. This will surely make every onlooker’s day brighter. Cats are known for their feistiness but it’s also amusing to know that they get easily scared by random things. The sudden changes in their moods are what make these cute felines a never-ending source of entertainment. They can turn from pensive to goofy, from being lazy to being playful, or from being dominant to being skittish in a wink. And every emotion they express deserves to become a viral meme.

Bullish creatures who always act mighty and superior, it’s always funny to see them frightened by harmless things such as balloons, cucumbers and bananas. And the facial reaction they make when they’re scared or shocked? It’s absolutely priceless. This sticker is based on a popular scared cat meme featuring an adorable kitty with a horrified reaction. Now you can stick that hilarious kitty expression on your car to spread the happiness wherever the road takes you.


Shocked Cat Car Sticker

scaredy cat car sticker

You should place this funny cat car sticker on either the rear window or at the corner of the side window. It will make it seem like a kitty just peeked through the window and got frightened by the sight of you. This vinyl decal comes in a wide range of sizes starting from 1.5 inches up to 24 inches. It is made of waterproof and UV-resistant material. So, you can use it either for interior or exterior application. Not just for cars, you can also stick this hilarious decal on the glass window of your room, on your coffee mugs, use it to decorate your laptops and more.

funny scaredy cat car sticker


scaredy cat car sticker rear window


funny kitty car decal


hilarious cat meme decal


“Love this real looking cat. It was a gift for my cousin’s car right before a road trip we were to take together. We laughed so hard every time we saw it. Plus, makes it easy to find your car among a sea of similar looking cars, right? So fun!!!”, one customer review reads.

real looking scared kitty decal


kitty meme car decal


scaredy cat car sticker side window


kitty meme laptop decor


funny kitty meme car window decal


hilairous scaredy cat car sticker

Source: Etsy