funny Christmas posts

40 Hilarious Christmas Posts That Will Give You A Good Chuckle

Christmas is a time full of presents, eating lots of tasty food and spending time with friends and family. However, it wouldn't be Christmas without laughter and if your holiday season was a little too serious then we have you covered. Check out thes...
cats in nativity scenes

28 Times Cats Were Spotted Hilariously Crashing Nativity Scenes

With the much anticipated Christmas holiday only a few days away, there is no doubt that you’re probably already set up for the occasion. Piles of gifts are already taking up space beneath your tree, and treats have filled the stockings you've put up...
Toddler tamers

Who Needs Leashes When You Have Weighted Toddler Tamers

Being a parent can surely be rewarding. However, it can be equally challenging and stressful too, especially when you have to deal with unruly children. While toddler leashes are undoubtedly effective, we bet you also can't bear treating your kid lik...