Woman Waters Succulent For 2 Years Then Finds Out It’s Not Even Real

Fake succulent plants are a thing and they’re actually the next best thing for those who don’t want to be bothered by frequent watering and maintenance. Although these artificial plants are entirely made of plastic, some are simply super well-made that they actually looked real. Too real that they can have everyone fooled into thinking that they’re real.

Facebook user Caelie Wilkes fell victim to her fake succulent and was deceived by its realness for two years. On her post, the plant-lover shared her amusing story on how she was tricked by the artificial plant which she even considered as the ‘perfect plant’. And based from the photos she shared, anyone can really assume the cute plant is real. Wilkes said that she had watered it since she got it. She even placed it in her kitchen window so it could get necessary sunlight.


This Woman Took Good Care Of This Fake Succulent For Two Years, Thinking It Was Real


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Wilkes was so happy to see that her favorite succulent haven’t lost any of its beauty and color even after two years. However, when she decided to transfer the plant to a different vase, that’s when she discovered the shocking truth. Just as she carefully pulled the tiny plant from its container, she discovered a block of styrofoam underneath the layer of dirt. As it turned out, the styrofoam was used to hold the artificial plant. And when she firmly pressed the leaves, that’s when she confirmed that it was made of plastic.

woman fooled by fake succulent
Caelie Wilkes


fake succulent looks too real
Caelie Wilkes

Her post quickly became viral and while many people were amused at her story, some were not convinced that she really failed to notice it was fake from the beginning. But mistakes like these actually happen in real life. So, it’s really not surprising that someone would be tricked by faux plants. In fact, her viral post even reached Home Depot and sent her real succulents to take care of. So, she’s still a winner after all.

home depot potted plants
Caelie Wilkes

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